BEMAS has established an extensive network of maintenance and asset management professionals in Belgian Industry. We have more than 580 company members with 850+ member contact persons. You can find an alphabetical list of our members below.
Bedrijf Locatie Land E-mail Website URL
UCB Pharma Brussel Belgium belgium.communications@ucb.com http://www.ucb.com
UCLL Heverlee Belgium onthaal.proximus@ucll.be https://www.ucll.be
UCLL hogeschool - campus Diepenbeek DIEPENBEEK Belgium onthaal.diepenbeek@ucll.be http://www.ucll.be/
UE Systems Europe ALMELO Netherlands info@uesystems.eu http://www.uesystems.com
Ultimo Software Solutions Mechelen Belgium info@ultimo.com http://www.ultimo.com
Umicore - Olen OLEN Belgium eom@eu.umicore.com http://www.umicore.com
UMONS - Research Institute for the Science and Management of Risks Mons Belgium risques@umons.ac.be https://web.umons.ac.be/risques
Unil Lubricants Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Belgium info@unil.com http://www.unil.com
Unilin - Mohawk International Services Wielsbeke Belgium info@unilin.com http://www.unilin.com
Universal Technical Services Ospel Netherlands info@universal-technical-services.com
Uptimise bv BRAKEL Belgium info@uptimise.com http://www.uptimise.com
Utexbel - Ronse RONSE Belgium info@utexbel.be http://www.utexbel.com

BEMAS Corporate Sponsors