BEMAS has established an extensive network of maintenance and asset management professionals in Belgian Industry. We have more than 580 company members with 850+ member contact persons. You can find an alphabetical list of our members below.
Bedrijf Locatie Land E-mail Website URL
I-care Reliability - HQ Mons Belgium info@icareweb.com https://www.icareweb.com
i-Link Zwevezele Belgium info@i-link.be https://www.eyeondata.be
IAC Group - Grobbendonk Grobbendonk Belgium info@iacgroup.com http://www.iac.com
ICO - International Car Operators Zeebrugge Belgium info@icoterminals.com http://www.icoterminals.com
IEPSCF Namur - Cadets Namur Belgium economat@iepscf-namur.be http://www.iepscf-namur.be
IES Asset Management Den Haag Netherlands informatie@iesbv.nl https://www.iesbv.nl
IFS Benelux 's-Hertogenbosch Netherlands info@ifsnl.com https://www.ifs.com/
IKO ANTWERPEN Belgium info.be@iko.com http://www.be.iko.com
Imec vzw Heverlee Belgium kris.bauwens@imec.be https://www.imec-int.com
IMERYS Graphite & Carbon - Willebroek WILLEBROEK Belgium office.be@imerys.com http://www.imerys-graphite-and-carbon.com/
Imerys Talc Belgium GENT Belgium http://www.imerys-performance-minerals.com
Imog - Harelbeke Harelbeke Belgium info@imog.be http://www.imog.be
iMotion Media BV Brussels Belgium kenan@imotion.media https://www.imotion.media
Imperial Tobacco Belgium WILRIJK - ANTWERPEN Belgium reception.rizla-belgium@be.imptob.com http://www.rizla.com/
Imtech - Wommelgem WOMMELGEM Belgium http://www.imtech.be
Imtech Belgium Anderlecht Belgium info@imtech.be https://www.imtech.be/
Indaver - Antwerpen ANTWERPEN Belgium info@indaver.be http://www.indaver.be
INEOS Aromatics Belgium nv GEEL Belgium geel.comms@ineos.com http://www.ineos.com/nl/sites/belgium
Ineos Manufacturing Belgium Antwerpen - Lillo Belgium http://www.Ineos.com
INEOS NV - Zwijndrecht Zwijndrecht Belgium info@ineos.com http://www.ineos.com
Ineos Oligomers - Feluy FELUY Belgium http://www.ineos.com
Ineos Styrolution - Antwerpen Antwerpen Belgium styrolution-belgium@ineos.com http://www.ineos-styrolution.com
Inetum-Realdolmen - Huizingen HUIZINGEN Belgium inforimses@inetum-realdolmen.world http://www.inetum-realdolmen.com
Inex BAVEGEM Belgium info@inex.be http://www.inex.be
Ingelbeen-Soete (Mobil Distributeur) Izegem Belgium info@ingelbeen.be http://www.ingelbeen.be/nl
Innovia Films MERELBEKE Belgium merelbeke1@innoviafilms.com http://www.innoviafilms.com
Inovyn Manufacturing Belgium - HQ Antwerpen/ Lillo Belgium https://www.ineos.com/
Insens Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium contact@insens.eu https://insens.eu/
Institut Don Bosco - Bruxelles Woluwe Saint-Pierre direction.idb@idbbxl.com https://www.idbbxl.com
IP Solutions ROTTERDAM Netherlands info@ip-solutions.nl http://www.ip-solutions.nl
IQUNET HAMME Belgium dvdb@iqunet.com https://iQunet.com/
IRE (Institut National des Radioelements) FLEURUS Belgium info@ire.eu http://www.ire.eu
Irem SPA OEVEL Belgium iremspa@belgacom.net http://www.iremspa.it
IRIS INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Geel Belgium industry@iris.be http://www.iris.be
Iron Parts & Services bv Verrebroek Belgium officemanagementantwerp@aecsolutions.com https://www.aecsolutions.com
ISALYS Consulting Bruxelles Belgium info@isalys.be http://www.isalys.be
iSensPro Ruisbroek Belgium contact@isenspro.com https://isenspro.com
ISS Facility Services Vilvoorde Belgium info@be.issworld.com http://www.iss.be
Istec Lisse Netherlands mail@istec.com https://www.istec.com
ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp Beveren Belgium info@itcrubis.com http://www.itcrubis.com
ITechnO RIEMST Belgium info@itechno.be http://www.itechno.be
ITIS Goes Netherlands info@itis-nl.com http://www.itis-nl.com
ITZU Technics Genk Belgium info@itzutechnics.eu https://www.itzu.eu

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