Maintenance, Replacement and Reliability - Theory and Apllications



A completely revised and updated edition of a bestseller, Maintenance, Replacement, and Reliability: Theory and Applications, Second Edition supplies the tools needed for making data-driven physical asset management decisions. The well-received first edition quickly became a mainstay for professors, students, and professionals, with its clear presentation of concepts immediately applicable to real-life situations. However, research is ongoing and relentless—in only a few short years, much has changed.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Component Replacement Decisions

  • Optimal Replacement Times for Equipment Wose Operating Cost Increases with Use
  • Optimal Preventive Replacement Interval of Items Subject to Breakdown (aka the Group or Block Policy)
  • Optimal Preventive Replacement Age of an Item Subject to Breakdown
  • Optimal Preventive Replacement Age of an Item Subject to Breakdown, Taking Account of Times Required to Carry Out Failure and Preventive Replacements
  • Optimal Preventive Replacement Interval or Age of an Item Subject to Breakdown: Minimization of Downtime
  • Group Replacement: Optimal Interval between Group Replacements of Items Subject to Failure - The Lamp Replacement Problem
  • Spare Parts Provisioning: Preventive Replacement Spares

Chapter 3: Inspection Decisions

  • Optimal Inspection Frequency: Maximization of Profit
  • Optimal Inspection Frequency: Minimization of Downtime
  • Optimizing CBM Decisions

Chapter 4: Capital Equipment Replacement Decisions

  • Optimal Preventive Replacement Interval for Capital Equipment: Minimization of Total Cost
  • Optimal Preventive Replacement Interval for Capital Equipment: Maximization of Discounted Benefits
  • Optimal Preventive Replacement Interval for Capital Equipment Whose Planned Utilization Pattern is Variable: Minimization of Total Cost

Chapter 5: Maintenance Resource Requirements

  • Optimal Number of Workshop Machines to meet a Fluctuating Workload
  • Rightsizing a Fleet of Equipment: An Application
  • Optimal Size of a Maintenance Workforce to Meet a Fluctuating Workload, Taking Account of Subcontracting Opportunities
  • The Lease or Buy Decision

This book teaches you how to use Weibull in solving these problems.

See What’s New in the Second Edition:

New Topics

  • The role of maintenance in sustainability issues PAS 55, a framework for optimizing management assets
  • Data management issues, including cases where data are unavailable or sparse
  • How candidates for component replacement can be prioritized using the Jack-knife diagram

New Appendices

  • Maximum Likelihood Estimated (MLE)
  • Markov chains and knowledge elicitation procedures based on a Bayesian approach to parameter estimation
  • E-learning materials now supplement two previous appendices (Statistics Primer and Weibull Analysis)
  • Updated the appendix List of Applications of Maintenance Decision Optimization Models


  • Defining Reliability
  • Types of Functional Failures
  • Laws of probability
  • Statistics Primer
  • Bathtub Model
  • Exponential Model
  • Mean Time to Failure
  • Weibull Distribution
  • Inter-arrival Times of Complex Repairable Systems
  • Exercises
  • Glossary
  • References

Software for many of the tools presented in the book are available as a zipfile. Some are educational versions of commercially available software developed by Professor Jardine. This downloadable software suite includes e-learning materials developed by Professor Tsang. This content will be e-mailed to you when you order the book.

Andrew K.S. Jardine and Albert H.C. Tsang
2013 - Second Edition
Books on Reliability Engineering, RCM & RCA

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