Maintenance & Reliability Metrics/ KPIs 101 - Keeping It Simple


Time and attention are currently two of the world’s scarcest resources and that, of course, applies particularly to Maintenance and Reliability professionals.

This work by Ricky Smith and David A. Martin is written in a format that allows you to quickly read and absorb the lessons in a couple of hours. After the initial read, it automatically converts into a KPI reference manual you can use time and again as you work to improve performance.

The authors move quickly and efficiently to define a series of metrics and, more importantly, instruct you in where and when to use them. They are both committed to helping you become a Reliability Performance Manager as you use this information to drive bottom line improvements at your organization.

This book should certainly be read by everyone in your Maintenance department but our hope is that you would also acquire copies for all of your Operations Supervisors and Managers as well. You might even consider giving a copy to your Plant Manager.

This book includes:

  • The Basics Of Performance Metrics and KPIs
  • KPI Assessment: What Do You Know About KPIs?
  • Inspiring Through KPIs
  • Proven Rules of Success for KPIs/Metrics
  • KPIs and the PM Process
  • Detailing KPis
  • KPIs for Specific Groups
  • Conclusion
Ricky Smith and David A. Martin
Second Edition - 2012
Books on Maintenance Management & Strategies

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