Maintenance Benchmarking and Best Practices


Over the past decade, companies have redirected their maintenance operational focus from internal cost-cutting to profit-maximization. This approach is referred to as profit centered maintenance. Peters provides maintenance supervisors and managers with a benchmarking/best practices road-map called the The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence, evolving to its current version after being first developed in 1981.

The Scoreboard will allow maintenance managers to:

  • determine and quantify benefits and savings
  • improve craft productivity and
  • define a strategy to improve efficiency and productivity.

These things are at the heart of a successful Profit Centered Maintenance organization. The author-devised Maintenance Operations Scoreboard is used to perform over 200 maintenance evaluations in over 5,000 profit centered maintenance organizations. For example, at Honda of America, it was used extensively to direct maintenance strategy. It was later translated into Japanese for presentation to key Japanese executives. Another excellent example is Boeing Commercial Aircraft Inc. Boeing combined elements from this same Scoreboard with their company-wide maintenance goals to develop ‘The Boeing Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence.’ Over 60 facility maintenance work units, at region, group and team levels, are evaluated at on-site visits using the Scoreboard criteria.



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Includes Ralph W. Peter's four benchmarking tools for maintenance excellence:

  • The Scorecard for Maintenance Excellence - Maximizes Your Overall Best Practices
  • The CMMS Benchmarking System - Optimizes Your Technology Investment
  • The Maintenance and Excellence Index - Validates Bottom-Line Results
  • The ACE Team Benchmarking Process - Assures Reliable Planning Times


Ralph W. Peters
Books on Maintenance Management & Strategies

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