Asset Management: The Maintenance Perspective


Physical asset management - maintenance management - is of increasing concern in industry for all-day operations of existing plants, as well as in the design of innovative new technology and in service organizations providing high-quality and highly reliable services. Scarce resources and competition make maintenance an issue of utmost importance.

This book provides a holistic approach to maintenance management. Theoretical insights and concepts are provided in a structured way. Maintenance strategy is related to the business context and translated into tactical and operational decisions. Some of the theory is more qualitative in nature (e.g., discussion on e-maintenance), whereas other parts of it are quantitative (e.g., reliability computations). Many numerical examples and real-life case studies are included, making the book unique and interesting for students, researchers and practitioners.

The book consists of six parts. It begins by defining maintenance management in its business context (Part I) and by looking at failure statistics and RAMS (Part II). Part III then continues with a discussion of decision support models, including TPM, RCM and more recent evolutions, as well as optimization models and planning tools. In Part IV, management of maintenance resources, personnel and spare parts is presented with special attention for outsourcing. Part V goes on to cover assessment with topics on performance reporting, auditing and benchmarking, and Part VI wraps up with a discussion on world-class maintenance.

Liliane Pintelon is a professor at the KU Leuven (CIB), where she teaches logistics courses, including maintenance management. Her research interests are in technology and asset management, both in industry and health care.

Frank Van Puyvelde also works at the KU Leuven (ICTS-Fooces_oz), where he is responsible for the user support of mathematical software. Previously, he worked in industry as an informatics project engineer.

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Liliane Pintelon & Frank Van Puyvelde
Books on Asset Management

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