Asset Condition Monitoring Management

This book is the follow-up to one (entitled Predictive Maintenance Management) that has been in print through three editions for almost 20 years. Now, with this latest completely updated text, the author has detailed the latest thinking on what we now call asset condition monitoring management. What he has developed and applied for clients has achieved international attention and award winning recognition.

In particular, the contents provide a detailed discussion on what should be addressed in written plans supporting asset condition monitoring programs, from the links to mission and vision statements of executives to the ways of addressing communications, performance indicators, training, certification and responsibilities of key personnel from top to bottom.

In addition to providing the latest guidance on what works in the field of condition monitoring management, this book provides a look into what is likely to happen in the future, given the potential impact of the Industrial Internet of Things, big data management, cloud computing and application of advanced analytics. It also describes some of the newest technological tools with global capabilities coming into the marketplace. For those unfamiliar with some of the many technologies and techniques used in this field, this book provides an appendix that explains how they work and are applied, making this not only a management guide, but also a valuable desktop reference.

Another appendix provides an extensive (30 pages, 10 technologies) self-audit and scoring package that can be used to assess the state of any asset condition monitoring program worldwide. It was developed progressively as it was used by three leading experts over 25 years as they evaluated well over 100 condition monitoring programs throughout the world. It incorporates scoring criteria that reflect best practices developed by those assessed organizations. When recommendations prompted by the assessment using this audit package were followed, performance improvements led in all cases to reducing risks from potential failures, in many cases to significant cost avoidance and in some cases to awards by outside organizations for overall achievements.

This book is a must-have guide to an important element of any maintenance reliability program.

Jack R. Nicholas, Jr.
Books on Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Project manager, developer of predictive, condition monitoring technologies and M & R programs, senior civilian engineer for U.S. Navy nuclear submarines and surface warships - 17 years; consultant to and trainer of key personnel in government, oil field services, mining, refining, utilities and manufacturing firms in North America, Australia, Asia, and the Caribbean - over 25 years.

Co-founded 3 companies. Author/Co-author of 10 books, many articles & papers. Keynote Speaker. Workshop Leader.


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