How to translate sustainability goals into asset management?

Asset Management

In this three-day course you will discover the synergy between sustainability and asset management, making it very understandable and even logical to work on sustainability with asset management. 

Sustainability. Ten years ago, it sometimes seemed far from the asset manager's mind. Five years ago, it was on every agenda because of a climate agreement that affects us all. Today, we feel the effects of climate change almost daily and the scarcity of some raw materials is already starting to be felt in the cost price of products. Asset management will have to contribute to the achievement of sustainability targets, otherwise there will be no compliance in a few years' time. Sustainability is no longer a self-imposed goal for high-flyers, but a condition for the 'licence to operate'. Integrating sustainability into asset management is therefore a necessity. And a lot needs to be done to achieve this, undoubtedly in your organisation as well.

This course teaches you how to use your asset management quickly, efficiently and effectively within existing processes to anticipate the changing laws, regulations and standards in the area of sustainability and circularity, and to contribute to the sustainability objectives of your organisation.  

In this three-day course you will discover the synergy between sustainability and asset management, making it very understandable and even logical to work on sustainability with asset management. 

Your Result:

  • You will develop a good understanding of sustainability and circularity;
  • You know the sustainability impact of the assets in your organisation;
  • You are familiar with the opportunities and threats of sustainability in relation to your competitive power, license to operate and compliance.
  • You learn how to make your assets more sustainable.

At the end of the course, you have a plan of action for integrating sustainability into your asset management.


During this training you learn to find the synergy between asset management and sustainability. The (container) concept of sustainability becomes concrete and applicable for you, so you can effectively and successfully translate it to your asset management. You will know what the sustainability killers of your assets are, besides the cost drivers and performance killers, and how to choose good alternatives for them.


Day 1

  • Introduction and context
    • Asset management explained
    • How do assets significantly contribute to achieving your organisation's sustainability goals?
    • What is sustainability? Awareness of sustainability and circularity
    • The four sustainability principles; the basis for a good impact analysis
  • Impact analysis
    • Your organisation, your assets under the sustainability loop
    • What are the sustainability killers within your organisation?
  • Vision creation
    • How do you formulate the sustainability objectives for your asset management on a strategic level?

Day 2

  • Strategies for sustainability
    • Explanation of the principle of system thinking: how does this work specifically for asset management?
    • Strategic questions for sustainability
    • Case study with regard to sustainability
  • Integrating sustainability in your asset management
    • Where are the opportunities for sustainability in your asset management? And how do you choose between the alternative solutions?
  • Force field analysis
    • Applying the force field analysis to a practical case
    • Successful leadership without a hierarchical position
    • Develop the mindset to stand up for your implementation plan in your organisation
  • The plan of approach
    • Preparation of homework assignment for your own plan of approach to integrate sustainability into asset management.

Day 3

  • Your Sustainable Asset Management Plan
    • Presentation of homework assignment and feedback round
  • Developments and opportunities
    • Sustainability targets in Flanders, Europe and globally
  • Monitoring and reflection
    • Which benchmark should you use to determine whether you are really on a sustainable path?
    • How do you systematically keep your finger on the pulse in your own organisation?
  • Next steps
    • What is the first next step for implementation?


During the training, the link to practice is made in various ways. Based on the theory and the assignments, for example, you make your own plan of approach for implementation in your own organisation.


Over de lesgevers

Hilda Feenstra is a consultant, trainer and speaker in the field of sustainable development. She guides organisations with high ambitions in the field of sustainability in developing their vision, strategy and implementation plan and in creating knowledge, awareness and support among employees.

Hilda is the author of the book 'Duurzaam zijn moet je durven' and gives lectures, workshops and training sessions on this subject to a wide range of target groups. In the Netherlands, she provides the sustainability module of the Asset Management Course of the NVDO, the Dutch sister organisation of BEMAS.


Gabby van Meer works as a strategic advisor in the field of asset management, BIM and sustainability. In this role he advises both public and private organisations on various themes. He studied Life Cycle Thinking and Business Administration at the Technical University in Eindhoven. The first 10 years of his career were dedicated to operations management at various American manufacturing companies. From 2004 - 2014 Gabby held various leadership roles at ProRail. From having final responsibility for operations in Northern and Eastern Netherlands through manager of planning, where he was responsible for the implementation of asset management, to systems specialist. In recent years Gabby has worked as an asset management consultant, supporting the Suikerunie, Albert Heijn and various provinces.

Hilda Feenstra and Gabby van Meer together developed the Sustainable Asset Management concept and approach. 

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