Physical Asset Management Handbook

"An incredible collection of information on a subject that is not concisely documented in the literature. John Mitchell is to be congratulated for developing a working handbook with in-depth knowledge on the subject. Any manager who is either new or experienced in the introduction of asset management principles and procedures will surely greatly benefit from study and implementation of the information contained in the Handbook." --Ronald L. Eshleman Ph.D., P.E., Director, Vibration Institute

Physical Asset Management defines a "best way" of managing corporate physical assets to gain greatest return. It blends the best processes, practice and technology used effectively by industry leaders to assure highest effectiveness in your specific business, operating, organizational and material conditions. The purpose of Physical Asset Management is to ensure that the means of production/operation are available to meet mission, availability, yield, schedule, quality, and cost commitments effectively at optimum return.

This definitive handbook provides a practical "how to" for executives, managers, and team members charged with gaining maximum productivity and effectiveness from physical systems and equipment in response to stated mission/business/operating imperatives.

The Author

John S. Mitchell has served as maintenance engineer, engineering supervisor, and consultant engaged for more than 30 years in developing, advocating, and implementing technical, business, and operating strategies for managing the lifetime of industrial equipment. He has delivered numerous papers and presentations and conducts training courses detailing the technology, financial, and business benefits of Equipment Management, Profit-Centered Maintenance, condition assessment and Condition-Based Maintenance to audiences throughout the world. He is a long-time member of ASME and is past chair of ASME's Plant Engineering and Maintenance division. He is the author of the best-selling An Introduction to Machinery Monitoring and Analysis and editor of the recently published Physical Asset Management Handbook, Third Edition, which details processes and best practices for equipment management.

John S. Mitchell
Fourth Edition - 2012
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