Maintenance and Reliability Lubrication 101 - Keeping it Simple

Lubrication accounts for a significant proportion of equipment failures. Improper lubrication practices are at the heart of many equipment reliability issues. Studies have shown that 70-85% of equipment failures are self induced, meaning that maintenance practices and processes are directly responsible for the failures. As such, it’s obvious that proper lubrication is vital to the success of reliability and, in turn, operational assurance and cost control. First and foremost: Discipline is the key to the success of any proactive maintenance program.

This book will identify effective ways to bridge the gap between established and proven Best Practices and your current program. Combining the right lubrication activities with proper practices, a significant opportunity exists to use the lubrication function within maintenance to impact plant reliability. Buy a copy for every manager, supervisor, planner and scheduler!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Lubrication Industry Survey
Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Lubrication
Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Lubrication Properties
Chapter 5: Steps to Implement Effective Lubrication Practices
Chapter 6: Maintenance of a Hydraulic System
Chapter 7: Oil Analysis Simplified
Chapter 8: Implementing Effective Lubrication Practices
Chapter 9: Conclusion
Chapter 10: Appendix

Ricky Smith and David A. Martin
Books on Lubrication

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