FRACAS - Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System


This book was written based on the knowledge that most companies cannot and do not perform an effective failure identification, analysis, and corrective action system and thus spend a lot of time and money chasing what they consider "bad actors." FRACAS is the best method for continuous improvement of your maintenance strategy through the use of good failure data, accurate analysis, and implementation of an effective corrective action. The corrective action could come in the form of a maintenance strategy adjustment or redesign. Most people do not understand the power of FRACAS, and in this book we will unlock this awesome tool and change the way you view failures. This book can help any company be successful at failure elimination. The only ingredient you will need to add will be "discipline" to ensure everyone follows the program so that the full benefits can be found in lower cost, higher availability, lower replacement cost, and fewer chances of an unknown failure.


Chapter 1: What is FRACAS and Failure Reporting?
Chapter 2: The Basics of Failures
Chapter 3: Eliminating Failures (Can it be done?)
Chapter 4: Understanding FRACAS in Simple Terms
Chapter 5: Failure Reports
Chapter 6: Weibull Analysis (Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask)
Chapter 7: Steps to Implementing an Effective FRACAS
Chapter 8: The Cost of Unreliability
Chapter 9: Managing Change in a Failure Elimination Organization

Ricky Smith & Bill Keeter
Books on Reliability Engineering, RCM & RCA

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