Results Oriented Reliability & Maintenance Management

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Christer Idhammar’s and IDCON’s maintenance management book is an inspiring source of knowledge in reliability and maintenance management leadership, execution and practical tips. This maintenance management book comprise of one to two page, independent reliability and maintenance articles on a wide variety of subjects (see the table of content below), it affords the reader ingenious insights and solutions to everyday maintenance management problems. Topics covered include productivity, competitiveness, failure analysis, team work, organizational structures, key performance indicators, benchmarking, Reliability Centered Maintenance, implementation of world class reliability and maintenance practices, the new role of the supervisor, cost cutting, flexibility, multi-craft, preventive maintenance inspection intervals, do the right thing, why Preventive maintenance programs fail, and many more topics.

The author to our Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management book, Christer Idhammar is a world-renowned authority on reliability and maintenance management. His principles of Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance have been implemented across hundreds of industries in 44 different countries. Christer has a bi-monthly reliability and maintenance article in a leading process industry magazine; he has written several books on the subject reliability and maintenance management and presented over 100 papers at process and manufacturing industry conferences the world over.





Table of Contents

  Foreword by Michael Lippig   51   How Close to World-Class is Your Organization?
4   Nothing New   55   Implementing World-Class Maintenance I: Measurements
5   Priorities   56   Implementing World-Class Maintenance II: Management Support
6   Hedgehog or Fox?   57   Implementing World-Class Maintenance III: Mission & Visions
9   Less Time for Maintenance   58   Implementing World-Class Maintenance IV: Values & Beliefs
10   The Future Productivity Factor: Part I   64   World-Class Maintenance Stores
11   The Future Productivity Factor: Part II   65   Maintenance Productivity
12   The Future Productivity Factor: Part III   66   Maintenance Optimization
13   Reliability & Maintainability Analysis   67   Basic Inspection Techniques
14   Maintenance Supports Reliability   68   "Know-Why" Training
15   Doing the Right Thing   69   Smart Methods
16   Maintenance and Reliability Evolution   72   Continuous Improvements in Maintenance
17   Maintenance Procedures in a Manufacturing Facility   73   Maintenance Myth
18   Choosing the Right Maintenance Frequency   74   Planning and Scheduling Performance
19   Operations + Maintenance + Engineering =Production   75   Teambuilding and the Changing Role of the Frontline Leaders
22   Can Operations Manage Maintenance?   77   Frontline Key Maintenance Positions
23   To Outsource Maintenance or Not?   79   Flexibility- Not Only for Craftspeople
25   Morning Meetings   80   Multi-Craft of Multi-Skills
26   Centralized & Area Maintenance Organizations   81   Retaining Skills- 80 % of Training Wasted
27   Enhancing Maintenance Performance   82   Seventy Percent of all Employees in Maintenance
28   Improve Basic Work System First   83   Responsiblity for Maintenance Costs
29   Are People Your Most Valuable Resource   84   Maintenance Cost Analysis I
30   70/20 Phenomenon   85   Maintenance Cost Analysis II
31   Maintenance Concepts   86   International Maintenance Management Phenomena
32   The RCM Trap   87   The ONNA Storms
33   Choosing the Right Maintenance Procedure   88   Essential Care and Conditioning Monitoring
37   Maintenance Management Contracts   89   The “Why,Why?” Analysis
38   You Don’t Get What You Ask For, You Get What You Give Recognition For!   90   Most “Bang for the Buck” Cut Costs or Focus on Results?
39   Great Expectations   91   Do Not Mix Up Actions with Results or Competitiveness with Productivity
40   Headcount Reduction Lay Off Your Future   92   Focus on Reliability
41   Productivity Improvements   93   Elements of a Good Preventive Maintenance Program (PM)
42   Key Performance Indicators   95   Preventive Maintenance Inspections and CMMS
43   The Emperor’s New Clothes and Benchmarking Data   96   Implementing a Cost Effective PM Program
45   Can You Compare Maintenance Costs Between Plants?   101   Why PM Programs Can Fail
46   Visible and Invisible Savings   102   To Benchmark or Not?
47   Benchmarking Results and Actions   103   Reliability and Maintenance Implementation Model
48   Current Best Reliability and Maintenance Practices (CBP)        


Pages: 112
Cover: Soft cover
Color: Yes


Christer Idhammar
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