Preventive Maintenance


This practical and comprehensive reference presents a balanced view of preventive maintenance in the context of other components of a maintenance strategy. Preventive Maintenance begins with an overview of how the preventive maintenance program fits in an overall maintenance/asset management strategy and progresses to how to gain executive commitment, both from a financial and organizational perspective. It concludes with the eight common reasons why PM programs fail and how to overcome each of the potential failures. Maintenance and reliability professionals who need to develop a comprehensive and effective preventive maintenance program will find it very useful.


Shows how to tactically develop a preventive maintenance program, answering questions, such as “What equipment to include?, What skill level of the technicians are required?, How to actually perform basic PM tasks?”, and many others. Does not over-emphasize the value of preventive maintenance to the exclusion of other components of a maintenance strategy.


  • Why Preventive Maintenance
  • Developing a PM Program
  • Identifying Equipment to Include PM
  • How to Develop PM Requirements for Equipment
  • How to Develop PM Task Sheets
  • Determining Skill Requirements for PM Tasks
  • Determining Parts Requirements for PM Tasks
  • Determining Scheduling Requirements for PM Tasks
  • Executing PM Tasks
  • Consistent PM Program Follow-up
  • Performance Management for PM Programs
  • Appendix
  • Glossary
  • Index
Terry Wireman
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