Measuring Maintenance Workforce Productivity - Made Simple

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When you implement a new Computerized Maintenance Management or Enterprise Asset Management System, what you are really hoping for is an improvement in productivity. The same holds true when you create a maintenance planning and scheduling program. Performing PM Optimization is often driven by the business desire to increase the productivity of the maintenance workforce. You could make this point about almost any maintenance reliability improvement initiative.

Increased productivity is perceived as a business value and that is what most maintenance reliability professionals work to achieve. Increasing productivity and reliability are usually highly desirable goals for most organizations. But how can you be sure your improvement are actually adding business value?

At last, a book that will encourage maintenance reliability professionals to measure the success (or failure) of their improvement efforts. With this work, Stephen Thomas has created a simple guide to measuring improvement that is easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to implement.

Based on years of practical experience, Thomas has created a low-cost/no-cost measurement process that not only tracks business value but engages the workforce being measured at the same time. This process can be scaled to virtually any size organization.

Use this book to ensure that your projects are effective and to get buy-in from stakeholders from the plant floor, accounting, and executive management.

Stephen J. Thomas
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