Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices, Second Edition


The first edition of the award-winning Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices immediately became one of the most widely read texts by maintenance, reliability, operations, and safety professionals. It is also being used at many colleges and universities throughout the world.

Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices, Second Edition has become a standard reference for anyone preparing for maintenance and reliability professional exams. In the time since original publication, this book has become a must-have guide and reference. It helps everyone ensure that their organization’s assets are operating as and when needed and at reasonable cost.


  • Features a streamlined flow for easier study and reference.
  • Includes self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter.
  • One of the first books to discuss asset management related standards, including the new ‘ISO-55000 Asset Management Standards.
  • Provides new material on corrosion control, risk management, and operator-driven reliability.
  • A separate Workbook (ISBN 9780831134358) has been prepared with the assistance of Christopher Mears.
Mr. Ramesh Gulati
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