La Gestion d'Actifs

In "La gestion d'actifs", Celso de Azevedo, delivers the main elements of industrial asset management and guides the reader to set up a performing asset management within his company. Whether experienced or layman, he offers insight into the key elements of this discipline and the solutions for making optimal decisions in this area.
At no time does the author claim to hold a universal truth on how to solve all problems. Rather, he chooses instead to highlight his own rich experience of numerous industrial and infrastructure scenarios around the world. He presents solution concepts, not in the form of requirements, but rather in the logic of a scientist's methodological tradition.

Designed around the desire to "take the reader by the hand", the book, which can be read in one go or chapter by chapter, takes the reader through the different segments of an asset's life cycle. The four parts of the book thus follow the thread of their entire life cycle, from their design to their dismantling. Experiences and stories from business professionals also highlight aspects of the various functions, tools and elements of asset management.
Technical without ever being boring, the author offers in this book a truly positive vision of the discipline, based on true conceptual rigour but illustrated by experience in the field. A reference book!

Celso de Azevedo
Books on Asset Management

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