BEMAS Live Learning Platform

BEMAS now offers online trainings and webinars. Below you can read how it works.

Download the Dutch manual here


What do you need?

The BEMAS Live Learning Platform works on the basis of html5 technology which is standard in all modern browsers. Installation of an app or plug-in is NOT necessary.

What you need to provide yourself:

  • PC, Laptop or tablet with internet connection and sound.
  • Preferably use Google Chrome as a browser. Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Edge also work.  Internet explorer is not suitable. You can test your browser for html5 compatibility in advance.
  • We strongly recommend using a headset (earphone with microphone) to avoid background noise as much as possible.
  • In order to interact with the other participants and teacher, it is advisable to have a microphone as well.

If you wish to discover the distance learning cloud, you can watch this video. You can also login and test on this demo site.


Need tech support?

You can find information in the manual and in the questions below.

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us through the chat on our site, through Facebook Messenger or call on +32 493 87 29 15 or +32 2 706 85 41.


Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the BEMAS Live Learning Platform?
For the training or the webinar, we will provide you with a link and an access code. Follow the instructions in the manual to log in.

Is my browser suitable for html5?  
You can test the compatibility of your browser on If it scores close to 555 points, your browser will work.  

Which browser should I use?
Google Chrome is most suitable, followed by Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Edge sometimes encounters problems. Internet Explorer is NOT suitable. 

Can I use the VPN connection of my work?
You should not use the VPN connection of your work. This can be a reason for delays and noise problems.

How can I test in advance whether the tool works on my PC, tablet or laptop?  
Go to this page:

What if all of a sudden I don't hear or see anything anymore?
Don't panic, sometimes the internet connection can be disconnected. Use F5 to reload the page in your browser. Then you can log in again immediately. You can also leave the classroom by closing your browser and reopening the link from your mailbox.  

The sound suddenly gets quieter. What can I do about it?
In Windows 10 it happens more often that the sound automatically gets louder or quieter. On this page you can find some troubleshooting.


My microphone's not working. How is this possible?
Click on the microphone to log in. Normally you will see a pop-up at the top of your browser asking your permission to use your microphone. Click here on OK.

Don't get a pop-up? Check if your pop-up blocker is not turned on. In Google Chrome you will find this in the upper right-hand bar of the web address.

The pop-up at the beginning of the session looks like this:

If you do the test and hear the audio, your microphone is working. If you do not hear an echo, select "No". On the next screen you can adjust your audio settings. Choose the correct hardware and click 'Retry' to run the test again.


The icons in the participant list show the different options:

  • A green icon means that your microphone and sound are working properly.
  • A red icon means that your microphone is muted and you are not audible to the others.
  • A white icon means that there is a problem with your sound. Check your headset connection and give your consent in the pop-up.
    • Check the connection of your headset and give your consent in the pop-up.
    • Switch off your VPN connection, restart your browser and login again on the BEMAS Live Learning Platform.
    • Call the number in the general chat of the BEMAS Live Learning Platform to follow the audio on your phone.

Attention: for the webinars, the microphones are switched off automatically.


I'm getting the error message app.legacy.criosBrowser. What should I do?
If you get this error message, you have not installed the latest version of your browser. Try updating your browser or use a different browser. Preferably use Google Chrome. Internet Explorer does not work.


How can I view the presentation in full screen?
At the bottom right of the presentation you will see a symbol with arrows. Click on it to view the presentation in full screen.

How can I download the presentation?
If the teacher/speaker has given permission to download the presentation, you will see a download symbol at the bottom left of the slides. Click on it at any time during the lesson to start downloading. 

Can I view the presentation again? 
Yes, the full recording of the webinar or training can be viewed again. Please use the same link and any access code. 

By clicking on 'Presentation' at the bottom of the screen, you can relive the entire webinar or training. With the symbol with three dashes at the top left, you can make the slides visible and browse through the presentation by selecting the desired slide.



This section is kept up to date regularly.