Reliability Centered Maintenance using… RCM Blitz 2nd Edition

Work alongside the author as he walks you through his step-by step method for applying Reliability Centered Maintenance, RCM Blitz, focuses on manufacturing assets. RCM Blitz is a 5-part process, with an easy to follow flow diagram, that includes:

  1. Up-Front Tasks - Those tasks required to ensure the success of the RCM Facilitators and Team.
  2. Probability and Consequence - The steps needed to build the groundwork for understanding the importance of each individual failure mode and developing sound methods to prioritize RCM tasks.
  3. Functions and Functional Failures - The to successful RCM analysis is understanding the importance of addressing maintenance at the functional failure level.
  4. FMECA - The heart and soul of Reliability Centered Maintenance, this is where the work gets done, identifying failure modes, describing failure effects and developing tasks.
  5. Follow-Up Tasks - These tasks are designed to help the team quickly move forward and drive the implementation of the RCM tasks. Follow-up is just as important as the analysis itself and like everything else it has a process.
Douglas Plucknette
Books on Reliability Engineering, RCM & RCA

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