How data analysis can help in identification and quantification of improvement opportunities. Case on: Quarto cold rolling mill production processes

Maintenance & Reliability Engineering
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Operators of the cold rolling mill face many challenges in their day-to-day operations. Determining the "ideal" process parameters for each product family proves to be a complex task due to the diverse range of raw and finished products, as well as the considerable number of (measured) parameters contributing to this complexity. While operators have overall indicators to gauge performance, these do not provide sufficiently detailed information to measure the specific performance for each product family. This gap hinders the identification of optimal parameters and the exploration of potential optimization strategies for each product category, a critical consideration in a highly competitive industrial landscape.


In this presentation, the following topics will be covered : 

  • Introduction of the QUARTO cold rolling mill process
  • Project context
  • Objective
  • Approach 
  • Results
  • Conclusions and next steps



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