Facilities Management - Managing maintenance for buildings and facilities

General Discription

Facilities management is a broad-based discipline that calls into play architectural, construction, engineering, and management and human skills-- particularly for running and maintaining commercial, institutional, academic, and industrial buildings. This book will cover the essential role and responsibilities of the facilities manager as it pertains to building maintenance. If you're a newcomer to facilities management you will find this book an excellent introduction to managing maintenance. Already an established professional? You'll be able to brush up on the latest technological and regulatory trends affecting how complex facilities should be successfully maintained by way of risk assessment. The book contains ample, ready-to-use assessment forms and resources for extended practical information. Highlights include:

Coverage of key components of facilities maintenance management including risk management, building safety, operations and purchasing, staffing, and more
Guidance on new trends including 'lean building maintenance' and Green Building specs (Green Spec) like LEED
Guidance on legal contracts, safety regulations, energy efficiency, and more
Specific management guidance by building type including apartments, office buildings, hotels and resorts, government buildings, schools, transport facilities and many others.
Joel D. Levitt
Books on Building Maintenance

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