10 Rights of Asset Management - Achieve Reliability, Asset Performance and Operational Excellence

About this title

This book is NOT for you if your assets or plant…

  • Are experiencing no failures
  • Have no safety incidents
  • Are performing at designed or more capacity
  • Have operators and maintainers who are taking care of assets as if they own them
  • Have all stakeholders involved and aiming to improve asset performance to realize more value
  • Have no value leakage from Capex to Opex
  • Collect quality data that is analyzed and used to make improvements on a regular basis
  • Have a staff that knows continuous improvement is a way of life...not a program of the month
  • Have customers that are not just happy, but DELIGHTED

If you are not getting these results, the authors strongly believe that by implementing the “10 Rights” presented in this book, you will improve the performance of your organization. You also will be able to realize more value from your assets and move toward creating a culture of excellence.

Ramesh Gulati and Terrence O'Hanlon
Books on Asset Management

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