As from Tuesday October 24th, 2017, ARG EMEA NV.  and I-Care sprl.  have signed a binding agreement which is the base of a strategic merge of both companies.
I-Care shareholders have acquired 100% of the ARG EMEA shares and will now integrate both companies into one new structure. The company is now 100% privately owned and in Belgian ownership, which should be a guarantee for stability and sustainability. The new slogan is “Better Together” embracing the challenges of the manufacturing future.
ARG EMEA & I-Care have the ambition and vision to:

  1. Become the global leader in Data Driven Asset Management, and this through the seamless digital Integration of predictive maintenance and Reliability DATA and INTELLIGENCE;
  2. To become a 100 million EURO company by 2025;
  3. To become the standard in the industrial market for innovation and sustainability serving customers, employees and partners.


More information on the I-Care website 


BEMAS news

Antwerpen - 21 maart 2018 - Tijdens beurs MAINTENANCE 2018 reikte BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association vzw, voor de achtste keer de BEMAS Digital Innovation Award uit. De Antwerpse start-up Aloxy mocht de award mee naar huis nemen voor hun modulair industrieel internet of things-platform. i-Care en Iristick  waren de andere finalisten.

Sinds 2011 reikt BEMAS tijdens de vakbeurs Maintenance in Antwerp Expo een award uit aan de meest verdienstelijke innovatie van een standhouder.

We zijn bij BEMAS blij te kunnen aankondigen dat vanaf 2018 twee nieuwe sponsors onze werking zullen versterken: