Energy Efficiency in Motor Systems: EASA-BEMAS Motor Club

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BEMAS, samen met EASA, nodigt u uit op een nieuwe actieve Motor Club in België bij ABB.

De Motor Club brengt een unieke gemeenschap samen die verschillende belanghebbenden van motorsystemen omvat: gebruikers, motor- en onderhoudsdeskundigen, dienstverleners, fabrikanten, leveranciers, academici, ...

Deze namiddag zal een unieke gelegenheid zijn om van gedachten te wisselen en ervaringen uit te wisselen met je collega's in de operationele prestaties van motorsystemen en meer te leren over de nieuwste ontwikkelingen op dit gebied, maar waarom ook niet enkele nieuwe belangrijke projecten te ontwikkelen.

Open voor leden en niet-leden van BEMAS en EASA!

Dit seminar vindt plaats in het Engels. Hieronder vind je het volledige programma.

Gratis voor medewerkers van leden van BEMAS

In samenwerking met

BEMAS, together with EASA, invites you to a new active Motor Club in Belgium.

The Motor Club brings together a unique community that include various Motor Systems stakeholders:  users, motor and maintenance experts, service providers, manufacturers, suppliers, Academics, …

This afternoon will be a unique opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences with your colleagues in motor systems operational performances and learn more about the latest on the subject but why not also develop some new important projects.

Open to members and non-members of BEMAS and EASA!


13h00 Reception

13h30  The Importance of ESG for companies – Fien De Clercq, Fluvius

Working sustainably is no longer a nice-to-have, but an absolute must-have for many companies. Not only from a conviction, but also from a compliance-driven approach, it is required to take action and put business activities under the ESG microscope. New regulations already give us direction on how to start and can best be understood as an opportunity to review strategies, shape policies and redesign processes with an eye on a sustainable future.

By conducting a dual materiality analysis, the company maps impacts, risks and opportunities (IROs) together with stakeholders. This gives a company direction and objective tools to set priorities. It is then crucial to create a clear vision and set up a governance structure in which the principles of PDCA are embedded in the organisation. This ensures efficient management of vision-aligned policies, processes, actions, resources, metrics and feedback. In view of the implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and fulfilling the duty of care, an efficient set-up will therefore greatly simplify reporting processes.

Learning takeaways:

  • Prioritising sustainability policies
  • Developing a clear vision
  • How to efficiently set up a sustainable organisation
  • How to prepare for sustainability reporting obligations?
  • The principles of dual materiality analysis
  • PDCA embedding in the organisation
  • CSRD reporting
  • Duty of care

14h00  The path towards industrial energy efficiency - Edward Betrains, ABB

The presentation underscores the vital role of energy efficiency and optimizing this efficiency in industrial electric motors. Recognizing the challenge in implementing efficiency measures, it offers practical guidelines for optimizing the most energy-consuming motors. By empowering the audience with actionable insights, we aim to facilitate the path towards industrial energy efficiency.

14h30  State of play of the EU Ecodesign legislation - Ronald Piers de Raverschoot, European Commission DG ENER

The Ecodesign legislative framework is intended to set minimum requirements, mostly but not only on energy performance when the product is in its use-phase, but more and more, in the reviews of the regulations on specific products, on the energy and material use over the entire product lifetime. Ronald, as the Policy Officer - Energy Efficiency at the European Commission, will update us on the important legislation and its potential impact on motor systems.

15h00  Break 

15h30  Sustainable energy optimization for rotating equipment through continuous electrical signal analysis -  Nicolas Verbeek, InSens

Continuously monitoring the electrical signals of rotating equipment driven by electric motors can reveal significant energy optimization potential. By leveraging the collected data and combining the analysis with process information, the underlying gains can be maximized such as to obtain the highest possible ROI, while focusing on making these gains permanent and sustainable. We will also highlight that appropriate maintenance operations, based on actionable insights coming from the electrical signals, can also drastically improve the energy efficiency of industrial assets. The presentation will be oriented towards practical use-cases encountered in the industry and explain how these cases can be replicated elsewhere.

Challenges addressed:

  • How to exploit the full potential of electrical signals to provide energy optimization insights
  • How to combine the energy optimization insights with process and maintenance to obtain significant and sustainable gains
  • How to assess the impact of maintenance operations on the energy consumption

Learning takeaways: 

  • Understanding how analysing electrical signals can reveal energy optimization solutions as well as predicting upcoming failures
  • Learn how a pump system can be optimized such as to consume less energy as well as to reduce the cost of maintenance
  • Learn how clogging in a ventilator can be easily detected and diagnosed, and understanding the impact in terms of energy gains that detecting such problems can have
  • Learn why maintenance operations such as proper belt tensioning can have significant impact on the energy consumption

16h00 Optimizing energy efficiency through Smart Ultrasound Condition-Based Lubrication -  Benoit Degraeve, SDT Ultrasound Solutions

In this presentation, M. Benoit Degraeve explores the importance of condition-based lubrication in maximizing the energy efficiency of motor systems. Next to the LUBExpert, SDT recently launched an innovative Smart Ultrasound Condition-Based Lubrication solution called LUBExpert ON-GUARD. M. Degraeve will highlight the crucial role of implementing intelligent, precise and efficient lubrication practices on electrical motors and other rotating equipment in order to reduce operating costs, minimize downtime and extend equipment life, while improving overall energy performance.

16h30  Conclusions - How do we make progress in Belgium?  Projects to be considered?

Fien De clercq

About the speakers

Fien De Clercq is CSRD expert at Fluvius. As an industrial electromechanical engineer, she combines her technical background with a pragmatic and human approach to achieving sustainable impact in the utility sector.

Ronald Piers

Ronald Piers de Raveschoot currently holds the position of Policy Officer at DG ENER, focusing on the energy efficiency of products, including Ecodesign and Energy Labelling, with a particular emphasis on product groups such as electric motors and their applications (e.g., pumps, fans), as well as market surveillance. He began his career with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Université Catholique de Louvain and a Master of Science in Environmental Management from Imperial College London. After seven years in the energy sector, he transitioned to the public sector. He first led the energy subdivision at the Brussels Capital Region's administration for environment and energy, before moving to the European Commission. From 2009 to 2016, he served at the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the Commission's science and knowledge service, where he provided scientific support to various EU initiatives and projects in the fields of energy and environment.

Nicolas Verbeeck

Dr. Nicolas Verbeek is specialized in the analysis of three-phase electrical signals to extract valuable insights in terms of energy optimization and diagnosing machine failures. He is the co-founder and CTO of Insens, a Belgian-based company providing predictive maintenance and energy optimization solutions for industrial assets based on electrical signal analysis. He holds a PhD in electromechanical engineering, focusing on the design and optimization of electric motors, obtained in 2023 from UCLouvain.

Benoit Degraeve

Benoît Degraeve is Sales Director at SDT Ultrasound Solutions. He specialises in ultrasonic solutions for industrial maintenance and energy savings. Benoit has been immersed in ultrasound since his early childhood. With 10 years' experience in the field, working with industrialists of all kinds, Benoit has mastered most ultrasonic applications dedicated to predictive maintenance and has contributed directly to the development of solutions specific to ultrasonic lubrication.

Who should attend the Motor Club?

  • Anyone who is actively involved with motor systems and their performance.
  • The event is open to all companies active in Motor Systems Performances (Manufacturers, Suppliers, Users, Service companies, Institutions, Training centers, ...). 
  • Both members and non-members of BEMAS and EASA are welcome.


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Additionally, we invite sponsors to partner with us for this event. As a sponsor, you'll gain prominent visibility among key stakeholders in the motor systems community, reinforcing your brand's presence and demonstrating your commitment to advancing the field.

Several sponsorship opportunities are available, which include:

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  • Table-top display exhibit

The sponsorship rate is: € 895 (excl. VAT)

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Registration fee

  • Free of charge for members of BEMAS and EASA. 
  • € 85 for non-members.


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