Webinar: Hackathon presentation by AEVO

In de aanloop naar de hybride Asset Performance 4.0 conferentie en beurs organiseert BEMAS een hackathon. Dit jaar wordt de uitdaging verzorgd door ÆVO, een onderhouds- en serviceorganisatie gespecialiseerd in infrastructuur en energietransport en -distributie. Op dinsdag 22 juni 2021 om 11.00 uur zal Corné van Dravik van ÆVO de challenge in detail toelichten. Doe mee aan dit webinar en kom alles te weten over deze hackathonwedstrijd.

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Predicting lock failures and real-time monitoring

One of ÆVO's areas of expertise is the management and maintenance of locks. For years, they have been working with the Siemens S7 PLC program, collecting a lot of data:  

  • IO (communication between different components in the control of a lock)
  • Alarm log with time stamp
  • SQL database with mapped data
  • Data from the maintenance system MS Dynamics. The time stamps may differ from the date on which the intervention was actually carried out. Unfortunately, MS Dynamics does not keep records of the spare parts used.

All this data comes from 6 to 9 months of logging and will be made available to the participants. You can also count on the following information for the development of your solution:

  • Shipping data with regard to the availability of the lock
  • Data of the water levels, wind strength and direction and temperature
  • Functional descriptions of the lock.

ÆVO urgently needs a threefold solution for this type of maintenance work: 

  • Monitoring of the real time functioning of the lock
  • Detection and identification of possible failures
  • Remaining Useful Life Prediction

Specifically, patterns must be recognised in the IO data, which can be linked to certain control actions and the lock’s functions. These patterns must also be able to detect anomalies, which, depending on the type of anomaly, must be linked to a PLC alarm and to a specific failure pattern. The solution will only be fully successful if the asset health of the various components of the lock can also be mapped. Is this challenge right up your street? Then be sure to watch the webinar, where you will get more details about the challenge and the further course of the competition. The finalists can present their solution during the Asset Performance 4.0 Conference on 28 October 2021.

About the speaker 

Corné van Dravik, the Director of ÆVO is 50 years young and graduated as Engineer Electrical Engineering and Technical Business Administration. His great ambition is to grow with ÆVO and to become market leader in quality of technical knowledge and processes. He is married, has 3 children and his hobbies are Indoor football and running.


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