Webinar: Additive Manufacturing for Service Spare Parts

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Dit webinar biedt je een nieuwe kijk op hoe jij additive manufacturing kan positioneren binnen (service) operaties om zo een hefboom voor groei te creeëren. Je leert dit aan de hand van pragmatische resultaten en ervaringen van bedrijven die een compleet traject hebben doorlopen.

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For many reasons supply chains are under pressure today. Availability of equipment and parts is impacting the performance of a growing number of companies. Managing a supply chain means today a differentiator instead of a hygiene factor. How to increase your service levels without additional stock? Implementing additive manufacturing to supply parts requires a perspective on both service and manufacturing. Is it possible to deliver short term results to support the changes needed and convince your management about the potential?

Having a new look at how to position additive manufacturing within (service) operations to become a strategic lever for growth is the main topic in this webinar. You will learn this based on pragmatic results and learnings from companies which have gone through a complete journey.


  • Introduction: PwC Aftermarket Survey - Digital technologies in Service business
  • Presentation DiManEx
    • Service Supply chain challenges
    • Creating a Digital Inventory, reducing lead time and working capital
    • Successful approaches for additive manufacturing in supply chains
  • Case presentation Electrolux 
    • Drivers of Additive Manufacturing
    • Approach Electrolux
    • Implementation of additive manufacturing
    • Examples of solutions created by additive manufacturing
  •  Q&A and conclusion

About the speakers

Ruben Coetsier is Senior Manager in the Strategy & Operations group at PwC Belgium and responsible for the Service Supply Chain and Aftermarket Advisory. With a background in information technologies, his focus is on the optimization of service supply chains and transformation of the after sales service businesses. Ruben has a long distinguished career in the aftermarket business. He held several senior European positions for a number of renowned global industrial companies. He has a proven track record in service supply chain and after-sales management. Prior to joining PwC, he held the position of Head of the business line Aftermarket and Automotive at Katoen Natie where he successfully guided several customers in their journey of outsourcing the warehouse operations.

Alexander Bours is Co-Founder at DiManEx and responsible for sales and business development. Alexander has been commercial and managing director of Overtoom, a Dutch market leader for office supplies. He was executive director in Paris of Manutan, a European distributor of office supplies and CEO of D’Hont in Belgium, member of IPH-Group an European leader in industrial parts. His main focus was on digital transformations in B2B. Due to the growth of digital manufacturing solutions like additive manufacturing he is offering a digital service that takes full control over customers supply chains, regardless when and where the demand occurs.

Dr. Salih Boysan is Senior Manager in the Ownership Solutions group at Electrolux Major Appliances North America and responsible for the Purchasing and S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning).  With a background in supply chain and operations, his focus is on creating flexible and efficient supply chain models that drive for operational excellence in the business. Prior to joining Electrolux, he was a general manager in API KAPAK, a kitchen cabinet and furniture manufacturing company,  and director of sales and business development in Bienal Inc, a home furniture manufacturing company,  where he successfully developed and executed strategies to a profitable growth of these businesses.  Salih is also interested in exploring emerging technologies and their potential implementation in supply base. 


  • 14:45    Welcome on the BEMAS Live Learning Platform
  • 15:00    “Introduction to digital technologies applied in service” by Ruben Coetsier, PwC
  • 15:10    Presentation “Digital Inventory, a solution for current supply chain challenges” by Alexander Bours, DiManEx
  • 15:25    Case presentation “Additive manufacturing in spare part supply chain” by Salih Boysan, Electrolux
  • 15:45    Q&A and conclusion

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