Asset Performance 4.0 Webinar: Improve availability of technical systems through innovative spare parts management

Tijdens dit webinar bespreken we de directe relatie tussen reserveonderdelenbeheer en de beschikbaarheid van technische systemen. We maken die relatie duidelijk aan de hand van een eenvoudig cijfervoorbeeld. Vervolgens bespreken we een aantal methoden en technieken die bijdragen aan een beter voorraadbeheer.

OPGELET : dit is een Engelstalig webinar via het Asset Performance 4.0 platform. Meer info in onderstaande Engelstalige aankondiging.


During this webinar, we will discuss the direct relationship between spare parts management and the availability of technical systems. We make that relationship clear with a simple numerical example. We will then discuss a number of methods and techniques that contribute to improved inventory management. In addition to other inventory control methods, we also discuss predictive maintenance and 3D printing. BASF will then show you what improved spare parts management has achieved for them. We leave a lot of room for questions from the audience in the webinar.

About the speaker

During his 16-year career with the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Jürgen Donders learned and experienced how the availability of technical systems is influenced by whether or not the right spare parts are available. An important lesson is that managing inventories for service and maintenance purposes is fundamentally different from the widely known and used methods because the demand for spare parts is low and unpredictable, spare parts are sometimes critical and/or repairable, delivery times are unreliable and the price can be extremely high. The standard supply methods in ERP and other inventory management systems are therefore not sufficient. After his Air Force career, Jürgen started sharing his knowledge and experience as a consultant with service and maintenance managers. In his experience, few people realize that spare parts inventory management differs so much from the generally known and available methods and techniques that leave many service and maintenance organizations with high stock levels and, despite that, too many problems with the timely availability of the right spare parts. With his company Gordian, he therefore provides the most appropriate knowledge, experience, methods and techniques to optimize spare parts inventories in order to reduce downtime, waiting times, stocks and logistics costs. He does this by executing projects, supplying software and supervising and implementing planning processes. 

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vrijdag 11/06/2021 - 14:00
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