Digital Twins for Remote Service & Training

Les gestionnaires de services sont confrontés à un certain nombre de tendances : le temps moyen entre les introductions de nouveaux produits diminue, la complexité et la variabilité de l'offre de produits augmentent, et les attentes des clients en matière de facilité d'entretien sont plus élevées que jamais.

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Service managers are faced with a number of trends: the average time between New Product Introductions decreases, the complexity and variability of the product offering increases, and the customer has more than ever high expectations with regards to serviceability. On top of this a lot of experienced field service engineers are leaving the job market and it is hard to find and keep qualified service personnel. These trends increase the need to accelerate the learning curve of technical personnel.

Digital Twin XR technology has the promise to provide operators at all times with almost frictionless access to the exact information they need to perform their job at their level of expertise.  This allows people with less experience to perform more complex procedures, allows them to learn faster and give them the necessary comfort that they will not run into problems they don’t know how to handle. Although the current state of the XR technology does not allow the full realization of this vision yet, fast progress is being made with XR-enabled Guide (digital work instructions), Coach (Remote Visual Assistance) and Teach (VR training environments) solutions.
A major step towards making low cost-of-ownership solutions consists of the fact that a low effort pipeline of product and process knowledge of PLM/PDM/MES and PLC software is required to result in XR work instructions and VR training environments.


Applying Digital Twins to accelerate the professional growth of service personnel

During this presentation  the following topics will be addressed:

  • How to accelerate the authoring of XR-enabled work instructions from 3D CAD software?
  • How to use a Digital Twin linked to the actual PLC/HMI to enable complex in context  training scenarios?
  • How to leverage the Digital Twin model in remote visual support scenarios?

Case: Remote visual assistance & training at GEA

About the main speaker

Ben Mahy is Managing Director at SupportSquare. Ben has a lifelong experience in applying digital twin technology for simulation, virtual commissioning, training and operational support solutions. He has successfully grown multiple model based companies into technological innovators and currently executes the role of CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) at Supportsquare, a 20 person scale-up based in Ghent with a mission to accelerate the professional growth of technical personnel with XR technology.


14:45    Welcome on the BEMAS Live learning platform
15:00    “Applying Digital Twins to accelerate the professional growth of service personnel” by Ben Mahy
15:35    Case: Remote visual assistance & training at GEA
15:45    Q&A and conclusion

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