Asset Performance 4.0 Webinar: Data Driven Asset Management

Les entreprises à forte intensité d'actifs doivent faire face à des budgets de maintenance plus serrés, à des réglementations plus strictes et à une pression accrue pour améliorer la performance des actifs, tout en étant confrontées au vieillissement des actifs et de la main-d'œuvre. La gestion d'un actif face à ces défis nécessite une prise de décision éclairée, basée sur la perspicacité, la connaissance et la prévision. Les données sont un outil puissant pour atteindre cet objectif.  

ATTENTION : cette activité se déroule en anglais via le Asset Performance 4.0 platforme. Plus d'informations dans l'annonce anglophone ci-dessous. 


Learning takeaways:

  • Learn how to connect you Asset Management Objectives with your physical asset to realize value from managing assets.  Developing an Asset management policy, strategy and objectives is the starting point for the asset management process and system. They are the basis for the development of concepts and plans that need to be executed.  Implementing this “line of sight” from policy to execution must guarantee that all decisions and activities create added value for the company. 
  • Are you ready to embrace Industry 4.0? Asset Performance Management 4.0 is a solution for dealing with uncertainties in asset management. It enables the optimal and effective utilization of resources and the implementation of control measures in the form of preventive or corrective activities. Optimal risk management is facilitated by monitoring the condition of assets, and data analysis and data modelling prognosis purposes. The goal of Asset Performance Management 4.0 is to bring and keep asset performance and condition in line with asset management strategy and objectives. Realizing Asset Performance Management 4.0 ensures a digital “line of sight” between the defined Asset Management Strategy & Objectives and your physical assets. Asset Performance Management is the key enabler to create “one” version of the truth about the health and condition of your assets.

About the speaker

Johan Ferket works more than 15 years for Stork and has hold different management positions. Currently, he is responsible as Consultancy Manager and Certified Reliability Leader for different asset and maintenance management projects in different asset intensive industries like Oil & Gas, Chemical and manufacturing. Johan’s focus is on global reliability & integrity and asset performance management projects. He is also involved with the development of the Asset Performance Management proposition within Stork. Johan is a regular presenter at different conferences like International Maintenance Conference (, IBM, GE Digital, ERTC, MERTC, Euromaintenance, Automa, PRC and ADIPEC.

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Vendredi 28/05/2021 - 14:00
Vendredi 28/05/2021 - 15:00
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