Interreg North-West Europe Grant for the More4Sustainability Project


Brussels, Belgium – November 24th 2023:  The consortium led by BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, in collaboration with Mainnovation, NVDO, FVI, and EMC2, is proud to announce it has been awarded a grant of 344.238 EUR by Interreg North-West Europe for the innovative More4Sustainability project. The project aims to promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in NWE Industry through developing and implementing a training program on Sustainable Asset Management for the target audience of technical management active in asset intensive industries.  This initiative is a testament to the partners towards fostering a green, smart, and just transition in the NWE region, aligning with the European Union's ambitious target of a 32.5% increase in overall energy efficiency by 2030.

Challenge and Opportunity

The NWE region is key to reach the EU’s target of an increased overall energy efficiency of 32,5% by 2030. The industry in NWE is the largest consumer of fossil energy and still needs to takes considerable steps in order to reach the objectives. Sustainable Asset Management (AM), based on a set of best practices in Maintenance, Overhaul, Repair & Engineering (MORE), can help industrial companies to improve energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Examples of Sustainable Asset Management practices are equipment isolation, low energy lighting, high-efficiency HVAC, equipment electrification, condition monitoring, preventive maintenance, waste heat capturing, and energy management systems. Despite the potential, only a few companies in the NWE region have embraced Sustainable Asset Management to its full extent.

Objective of the More4Sustainability Project

The More4Sustainability project aims to bridge this gap by promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the NWE industrial sector. The project partners recognize the pivotal role of maintenance and asset management in enhancing the sustainability performance of industrial activities in Europe. Technical decision-makers are key in determining how assets perform in terms of energy and emissions, and their detailed technical knowledge is essential for identifying and implementing relevant improvements in sustainability and energy performance.  That’s why the project's main objective is the development and implementation of a comprehensive training program on Sustainable Asset Management.

Benchmark Study

The project will kick-off with a unique benchmark study gathering insights from over 200 companies across Belgium, The Netherlands, France, and Germany, covering more than 80% of the industry in NWE. Industries such as Oil & Chemicals, Steel, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Paper & Pulp, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Advanced manufacturing technologies, and Power Generation will be included. Participants will receive a benchmark report, incentivizing their involvement and providing valuable insights.

Training Program

Insights from the benchmark study will be used to create a comprehensive roadmap, serving as the foundation for the training material. The project's most significant activity is the training of the maintenance and asset management community. Classroom trainings will be organized in each participating country, and an e-learning course will be available from January 2025.

Transnational Cooperation

The transnational nature of the More4Sustainability project is crucial. It allows for the identification of best practices and their impact, which might not be possible within a single nation's context. This cooperation ensures a critical mass of data and experiences, enabling the project to identify early adopters, document their practices, and train technical managers across NWE to implement Sustainable Asset Management effectively.

The More4Sustainability project is at the forefront of this transformative journey, demonstrating the crucial role of maintenance and asset management in achieving the EU's sustainability goals. The combined expertise and commitment of BEMAS, Mainnovation, NVDO, FVI, and EMC2 are set to drive relevant advancements in the field of sustainable asset management. The partners’ investment of 229.492 EUR is backed by an Interreg NWE grant of 344.238 EUR, to arrive at a total project budget of 573.730 EUR. This allows the More4Sustainability project to gain sufficient momentum in order to significantly contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future for the North-West Europe region.

About the partners

About Interreg North-West Europe

Interreg North-West Europe is a European Territorial Cooperation programme that supports balanced development across its regions, making them more resilient and enhancing the quality of life and well-being of all citizens. The 2021-2027 Interreg NWE Programme focuses on promoting a green, smart, and just transition for all NWE territories. 


BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association vzw-asbl, is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the field of maintenance, reliability, and asset management. BEMAS is committed to promoting best practices and innovation in these critical areas, contributing to the sustainability and safety of industrial operations. BEMAS is leading the More4Sustainability project. 

About Mainnovation

Mainnovation is a leading Maintenance & Asset Management consultancy company helping capital-intensive companies to professionalise their maintenance departments. Mainnovation developed the innovative VDMXL methodology (Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management). Playing a pivotal role in the project, Mainnovation will execute major parts of the project, leveraging its extensive experience in conducting benchmark studies, developing Asset Management Roadmaps, and setting up and delivering training programs. 

About NVDO

NVDO, the Dutch Association for Efficient Maintenance, is established in 1963 and is the leading sector organization in the Netherlands. NVDO that offers support through advocacy, knowledge transfer, and networks to companies and individuals involved in decision-making in the field of Maintenance and Asset Management. NVDO will contribute to the project through advocacy, knowledge transfer, and networks. NVDO’s involvement ensures that the project aligns with the best practices and standards of the world's leading maintenance and asset management communities. 

About FVI

FVI, Forum Vision Instandhaltung e.V. , is a German non-profit organization with over 500 members from various sectors. FVI brings a wealth of knowledge in industrial maintenance and focuses on disseminating knowledge and highlighting future trends in maintenance. Their contribution will be invaluable to the project. 

About EMC2

EMC2 is the European competitiveness cluster for advanced manufacturing technologies operating in the Pays de la Loire and Brittany Regions in France. It supports around 400 members, including start-ups, SMEs, mid-caps, large groups and academics as they move towards an eco-responsible industry, to produce better, cleaner, connected, together and locally. EMC2's involvement ensures the project aligns with eco-responsible industry practices and addresses key challenges for the French industrial competitiveness. 


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