Maintenance Management

Wat is het juiste type onderhoud voor uw machinepark? Hoe kan onderhoud het meest waarde toevoegen aan uw onderneming? Hoe kunt u uw technici efficiënter laten werken? Deze en andere vragen komen aan bod binnen Maintenance Management.

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Maintenance Management

This chapter provides information about Maintenance Management

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Asset Performance 4.0

From 10 to 12 June 2020 BEMAS organizes the first edition of the Asset Performance 4.0 Conferentie en Beurs. It will be 3 instructive days, during which you will be able to participate in workshops, attend interesting presentations and visit more than 40 companies at the exhibition.

BEMAS Asset Performance Awards 2019

Arlanxeo, ArcelorMittal and Imec win the first BEMAS Asset Performance Awards

European Maintenance Directory

BEMAS vzw launches the European Maintenance Directory, an online guide of companies active in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul industry.


Building Maintenance & Environment


CMMS Explained - Made Simple

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is one of the critical foundational elements necessary for the implementation of Best Practices for Maintenance and Operations.

Don't Just Fix It, Improve It! A Journey to the Precision Domain

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Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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Facilities Management - Managing maintenance for buildings and facilities

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How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy? - 2 books left - OUT OF STOCK

Sexy manufacturing? For some, this may sound contradictory. In her book, Karin Lindner outlines that in reality, every organization needs an element of sexiness.

Industrial Renaissance in North-West Europe: The key role of Maintenance and Asset Management

De economische crisis van de laatste jaren heeft ons pijnlijk duidelijk gemaakt dat een gezonde economie niet kan floreren louter op basis van dienstenbedrijven.

Idhammar Knocking Bolts

Knocking Bolts

Knocking Bolts is Christer Idhammar's journey through a successful career that began as an 18-year-old merchant mariner in Sweden and took him around the world as a Reliability and Maintenance Management consultant.

Maintenance préventive BEMAS Kojchen

La Maintenance Préventive en 28 Fiches-Outils

Preventive maintenance consists of checking the operating condition and wear and tear of equipment, on a regular and planned basis, in order to monitor their deterioration and prevent breakdowns.

Le Grand Livre de la Maintenance BEMAS

Le Grand Livre de la Maintenance

Globalisation has extended its influence to all sectors of the economy. In this abundance of challenges and constraints, maintenance has not remained static. It has also developed over the years to support the transformation of the industrial world.

Lean Maintenance

As a practical book,Lean Maintenance, will take the reader on a journey from uncovering waste, designing projects to address the waste, selling the projects to management and delivering the projects.

Lean Maintenance System

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Lean Maintenance, Reduce Costs, Improve Quality and increase Market Share

What is "Lean?" Whether referring to manufacturing operations or maintenance, lean is about doing more with less: less effort, less space, fewer defects, less throughput time, lower volume requirements, less capital for a given level of output, etc.

Level 5 - Leadership at work

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Maintenance & Reliability Metrics/ KPIs 101 - Keeping It Simple

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Time and attention are currently two of the world’s scarcest resources and that, of course, applies particularly to Maintenance and Reliability professionals.

Maintenance Benchmarking and Best Practices

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Maintenance Management & Regulatory Compliance Strategies

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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Book

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Maintenance planning and Scheduling Handbook 3th edition

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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Streamline Your Organization for a lean Environment

Key Features

  • The only book that takes a direct look at streamlining planning and scheduling for a Lean Manufacturing Environment 
  • This book shows the engineer how to create and stick to effective schedules

Maintenance Systems and Documentation

Key Features

  • The third of three stand-alone companion books, focusing on the main systems necessary for the successful operation of a maintenance organization

Making Common Sense Common Practice

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Managing Factory Maintenance - Second Edition

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Managing Maintenance Resources

Key Features

  • The second of three stand-alone companion books, focusing on reducing the complexity of organizational design 

Measuring Maintenance Workforce Productivity - Made Simple

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NEW Maintenance, Outils, méthodes et organisations pour une meilleure performance, 4ème édition

La maintenance est une composante de plus en plus sensible de la performance des entreprises. Hier peu lisible et souvent méconnue des décideurs qui sous-estimaient son impact, elle se professionnalise aujourd’hui et devient une discipline en soi.

Plant equipment & maintenance - engineering handbook

General discription

Preventive Maintenance


Profit-Driven Maintenance For Physical Assets

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In the board rooms of most companies the word maintenance typically gives the top management an uneasy feeling.

Why is this the case? 

Reliability Based Spare Parts & Materials Management

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Results Oriented Reliability & Maintenance Management

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Strategic Maintenance Planning

Key Features

  • The first of three stand-alone companion books, focusing on the formulation of strategy and the planning aspects of maintenance management 

The 15 Most Common Obstacles to World-Class Reliability - A Roadmap for Managers

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The Journey to Improved Business Performance

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The Little Black Book of Maintenance Excellence


The Visual Management Handbook


If you close your eyes and are asked to visualize the Eiffel Tower, can you? What about the Sphinx? Or the Great Pyramid?

TPM Reloaded: Total Productive Maintenance

When practiced appropriately, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) can tilt the playing field in your company's favor.

Trap Pro Guide

From the author:

Value Driven Maintenance - New Faith In Maintenance

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Zero Breakdown Strategies

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