Wim Vancauwenberghe - Director

Wim is master in industrial engineering, and director of BEMAS since  2000. In his years of experience, he has witnessed dozens of 'best practices' in companies across all industries. With his vast network in the world of maintenance & asset management, he has the opportunity to meet hundreds of top professionals each year. He is motivated to use his knowledge to help companies reach their potential and improve the way assets are managed and maintained. Wim is a firm believer in the importance of the maintenance profession. This is why he is know as the 'maintenance evangelist' of Belgium. 


Sophie Deleuze - Coordinator Wallonie (the french speaking region of Belgium)sd

Sophie Deleuze joined BEMAS in September 2016. She has an extensive professional experience as a project manager for guiding Walloon companies in the development of products and services. At BEMAS she is responsable for the organization and expansion of the network and the activities in Wallonia: organizing training courses, study sessions, working groups, searching new members,... 


Marwa Bader - Project, event & member account administratormb

Marwa studied fiscal sciences and has experience as executive assistant and credit controller. Since the autumn of 2016, she is responsible at BEMAS for the administrative and financial follow-up of our study sessions, training courses and events. She also takes care of member administration and daily accounting.


Bram Soenens - Training coordinator

Bram lives in Ghent and has more than 10 years of experience in organising events and providing training. At BEMAS, he ensures that every training course runs smoothly, keeps in touch with the trainers, and is also your contact for more information about our trainings.


Chiara Van Steenberge - Marketing & communication                                                                                                                              

Chiara is responsible for marketing and communication, website management, writing and sending of email campaigns, creating the monthly newsletter, representing BEMAS on different social networks and writing press releases and articles.


Emilie Vandemeulebroeke - Project Manager & HREmilie Vandemeulebroeke

After having completed her Masters in Pedagogical Sciences, she worked in the travel and event sector for a number of years. Then she ended up in a role of people manager, back office and Human Resources. Emilie has been working at BEMAS since January 2015. She is involved in project management of important initiatives at BEMAS and also takes care of HR.