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Globalisation has extended its influence to all sectors of the economy. In this abundance of challenges and constraints, maintenance has not remained static. It has also developed over the years to support the transformation of the industrial world.

A real guide designed by a maintenance expert, this book reviews:

- General concepts (failures, FMD, direct and indirect costs, LCC, objectives...).

- Operations, levels and forms of maintenance (Corrective, routine, systematic, conditional, conditional, forecast including forecast 4.0).

- Related forms (Improved, conceptual and acquisition maintenance).

- Maintenance procedures (RCA, TPM, JIT and Kanban, Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Risk Management).

- Methods and tools (Functional analysis, FMECA, Diagnosis, Packaging, metal sewing or stapling, disassembly, shaft alignment, SMED, 5S, Poka yoke, VSM, DMAIC, PM analysis and MAXER method).

- Non-destructive testing and analysis techniques for conditional and predictive maintenance (oil analysis, vibration analysis, shock wave method, thermography, thermal methods, visual method, leak detection, penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasound, X-ray and Gamma, thickness measurement techniques, stroboscopy).

It has been designed to be usable by maintenance professionals, managers, teachers and students alike. It covers most of the approaches, methods and techniques related directly or indirectly to maintenance, with a strong emphasis on implementation descriptions accompanied by tools and documents. To be acquired and consulted to "put oil in the gears" of your maintenance and ensure its performance!

Driss Bouami
Books on Maintenance Management & Strategies

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