Grizit and Geysen win BEMAS Innovation Awards 2022

Antwerp - 23 March 2022 - During the easyFairs MAINTENANCE 2022 fair, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association vzw, presented the BEMAS Digital Innovation Award for the eleventh time. Grizit took this award home for their Smart Greasing Solution. In addition, the second BEMAS Maintenance Innovation Award was also presented, where Geysen won with their Clean Conveyor Belt.

24 companies with a booth at easyFairs MAINTENANCE 2022 submitted a dossier for participation in the BEMAS Innovation Awards. These candidates were judged by a professional jury on a series of factors to evaluate the innovation content and concrete applicability. This resulted in 2 categories and 3 finalists per category.

During the fair, the members of the professional jury visited the stands of the finalists to make their final assessment. BEMAS President Johan De Coster announced the winners: "All jury members agreed on the high level of the finalists. Nevertheless, the choice was almost unanimous, because we were particularly impressed by the general ease of use of their innovation." 

Grizit wins BEMAS Digital Innovation Award

The smart greasing solution from Grizit was announced as the winner by the jury. "Grizit shows a low-threshold and easily deployable innovation, which is a perfect example of Industry 5.0. In other words, they are digitising in order to support people to perform lubrication better. That has an enormous impact on sustainability and circularity. It really is a tool for people in the field. And the very broad scope of application won us over, because everyone - in every sector - comes into contact with lubrication."

The two runners-up also managed to convince. "Mainnovation's AMprover 5 tool can give the reliability engineer the right support to arrive at the correct maintenance programme in a well-founded manner. The tool allows to translate maintenance decisions and risks into financial value."

"iQunet is a young Flemish company that has won an Innovation Award before. Now they present another nice addition to their product range, which allows just about any sensor on the market to be integrated into their open-source monitoring system. Their wireless communication system works flawlessly, that's where their strength lies."

Geysen wins BEMAS Maintenance Innovation Award

The Clean Conveyor Belt from Geysen was the winner of the Innovation Award. The jury found that this innovation has a lot of added value in a broad field. "Geysen looked at a problem with an open mind and considered how they could solve it innovatively. Their good detection resulted in the smart solution that is in place today. Here, too, we see expertise from Flanders that can be applied in a broad field. This conveyor belt can optimise the Total Cost of Ownership by reducing product losses, optimising uptime, increasing safety... And all that with an interesting ROI."

The jury also saw many possibilities with Damaco and Qlayers. "Damaco brings many future-oriented possibilities with their B-Rad-S intermediate. Performance and settings are digitally monitored and reported. It is also perfectly expandable to other applications."

"Qlayers especially brings innovative application technology of coating with less variation and with a positive contribution on health and environment. They innovate for the right reasons: efficiency, occupational safety and the environment. What is particularly interesting is that they combine a lot of things in one innovation and also think about the human-centric aspect."


The jury's verdict

After 2 years without an exhibition, the jury members found it inspiring to see all the innovations on site. "Maybe we only saw the tip of the iceberg, but what we saw made an impression. We recommend all trade fair visitors to take both tours, to talk to the exhibitors and to discover the story behind the innovations. That way you will discover what is truly innovative." BEMAS is therefore looking forward to continuing to organise these Innovation Awards in the coming years and to inspire you.


All innovations

In the category Digital Innovation Award the finalists were:

The Grizit application provides digital support for every manual lubrication task, in such a way as to enable perfect management and control. Information about the condition of the equipment is also read out during the lubrication process.

AMprover is an all-in-one APM solution for all reliability analyses. It is a webbased software tool with a lot of flexibility so that different scenarios can be calculated for different assets. The tool is built from years of practical experience with the application of various Reliability Engineering techniques. Another unique feature is that AMprover 5 is fully in line with VDMXL and is aimed at creating value.

New in the iQunet range is the Wireless Bridge for standard IEPE vibration sensors, ESA current clamps and standard 0-10V analogue sensors (e.g. oil CM); a complete range of condition monitoring, including AI/ML.


For the Innovation Award the finalists were:

Clean Conveyor Belt (CCB) is a patented spill-free conveyor belt, which is low in wear with minimum maintenance & downtime. CCB forms an interesting alternative to traditional conveyor belt systems. (Conveyors and Redlers).

The B-RAD-S series battery powered torque spanners are equipped with an extremely accurate transducer. This measures the moment applied to the bolted connection. Moreover, the transducer is located at the end of the torque multiplier for the highest accuracy. The applicability of this innovation is huge: anywhere where bolted nut connections need to be checked periodically, but also where dismantling and assembly take place.

Qlayers developed a patented spray system that can be implemented on various actuation systems, allowing various industrial surfaces to be coated in a (semi-) automated manner without overspray. By mounting the spray system on a robotic crawler or robotic arm, various industrial surfaces such as storage tanks, ships and wind turbine blades can be coated.



BEMAS, Belgian Maintenance Association vzw is a dynamic non-profit trade association for maintenance managers, maintenance professionals and anyone who is in any way involved in maintenance or asset management. BEMAS is a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices in maintenance and maintenance management. In this way, BEMAS wants to contribute to an increase in competence in the (Belgian) business community and to the creation of added economic value through the sustainable management of machines, installations and buildings. 

BEMAS news

BEMAS vzw, the Belgian professional association for technical maintenance, has awarded the Wout Theuws Prize for the fifth time. The winner is Robin De Clercq, an electromechanics student at the Bernardustechnicum in Oudenaarde, who wrote his integrated test on maintenance at a Kuhn silage harvester.

Ghent, 16 June 2022 - Today, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, organised the Flemish symposium and the awards show for the presentation of Technical Team of the Year. After a fascinating afternoon programme, the professional jury chose Pfizer as Technical Team of the Year. The vote of the public went to DP World.

BEMAS A.S.B.L., the Belgian professional association for maintenance, has awarded the first "Prix Prof. Leenaerts". The winner is Anthony Vanhufel, a student in the 7th Qualification Maintenance Technician of Industrial Automated Systems at ITN - Namur. The student wrote his thesis on "The realisation of maintenance procedures (IMA).

No one would dare to dispute the fact that the maintenance function makes a significant contribution to industrial performance or service quality:

Forum Maintenance gagnant 2022

Today, BEMAS, the Belgian maintenance association, presented the award for the Technical Team of the Year in Wallonia. During the Maintenance Forum, a day of exchange for maintenance professionals, the three finalists Chaudfontaine, Equans and Galler presented their technical teams and the challenges they have taken up in recent months. 
Two prizes were awarded by BEMAS to promote technological innovation and human management in industrial performance. Chaudfontaine was awarded the jury prize, Galler received the public prize.

Food Industry Alimento

After a new audit BEMAS has extended its Qfor label with the QFor Food certificate.

BEMAS Innovation Awards 2022

Antwerp - 23 March 2022 - During the easyFairs MAINTENANCE 2022 fair, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association vzw, presented the BEMAS D