Gemsotec, Kapernikov and Yazzoom-Engie Laborelec winners of the hackathons at Asset Performance 4.0

Leading up to the virtual conference and webinar series Asset Performance 4.0, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, organized 3 virtual hackathons about hot topics in maintenance. The challenges were provided by Aquafin and Fluvius, who chose the winners on September 17th, 2020. Gemsotec, Kapernikov and the duo Yazzoom – Engie Laborelec were crowned the winners of these hackathons.


Predicting pump failures based on sensor data

The first hackathon by Aquafin asked the contestants to predict pump failures based on sensor data of pump stations. Out of 13 submissions, the 3 finalists Gemsotec-Danubius, Element61, and I-care-Yazzoom were chosen. 

“When comparing the submissions, Danubius-Gemsotec received the highest overall score,” Kris De Gussem, at Aquafin, concludes. “Contributing to this are the clear representation of the results, the usage of the cloudstack Aquafin plans to use as well, and the insights given into the model accuracy and model execution time.” With these words, Aquafin crowned Geert Sergoyne and his team as the winner.


Create a reporting tool for field asset data collection

Fluvius announced the second hackathon, in which the company is looking for more flexibility: they want to unite different tools, working methods and structures into 1 useful app. The three finalists Brolz, Kapernikov and Tenforce presented their cases, each with their own view. 

The final winner is Kapernikov, who used easy to use open source software to create a cost effective and user friendly tool. “It wasn’t an easy decision, due to the fact the 3 finalists brought very different angles,” says Andy Gouwy, at Fluvius. “Kapernikovs solution holds the middle between the other finalists’ solutions. As an open-source solution it is probably best suited to the current needs of Fluvius.”


Predicting failures based on temperature & humidity sensor data

Last year, Fluvius installed temperature and humidity sensors in their electrical substations. Now they opened the challenge on how to predict failures based on this sensor data. Out of several cases, I-care, Yazzoom-Engie Laborelec and CARL Software were chosen as the 3 finalists. 

It was a close call, but in the end Yazzoom and Engie Laborelec emerged as the winners. Andy Gouwy: “By applying their knowledge (via Laborelec) about utilities and electricity in particular, they had just that little bit more. Their solution via Yazzoom's software was also certainly performant and well thought-out in various aspects.”


Re-watch the recordings and pitches

Next to the finalists, the other contestants also got a chance to pitch their solutions at Asset Performance 4.0. All recordings can be re-watched on the Asset Performance 4.0 platform on




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In Flanders, Aquafin is responsible for financing, developing and operating the supra-municipal sewage treatment infrastructure. The company manages a network of more than 300 sewage treatment plants and also works to create a living environment in harmony with water. This means clean water in public spaces, making it pleasant to live and relax along waterfront. But it also means a sustainable use of rainwater, to help prevent soil dehydration and reduce the risk of flooding.

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Fluvius is the grid company that was created on 1 July 2018 by the merger of Eandis and Infrax. Fluvius is responsible for the construction, management and maintenance of distribution networks for electricity, natural gas, sewerage, cable distribution and heat, and manages the municipal public lighting park. In total, the company manages 230,000 kilometres of utility lines and 7 million connections. Fluvius is active in all 300 Flemish cities and municipalities.


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From 15-17 September, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, hosted its first virtual conference and webinar series Asset Performance 4.0.

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Leading up to the virtual conference and webinar series Asset Performance 4.0, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, organized 3 virtual hack


This year, EFNMS, the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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In the context of the international outbreak and spread of COVID-19, BEMAS is following developments closely, taking into account the advice and re

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In the context of the international outbreak and spread of COVID-19, BEMAS is closely following developments, taking into account the adv