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The Sniffers

As your global service provider in the oil, gas and (petro)chemical industry, The Sniffers is committed to helping you realize your environmental and sustainability ambition. We develop and execute best-in-class emission reduction, energy savings and pipeline integrity programs with meaningful impact on safety compliance, environmental footprint and business profitability. Our passionate team of experts assist your organization with Advisory Services as well as high quality Site Surveys.

Our advisory services are underpinned by our broad service portfolio, innovative solutions and feet on the ground. Through global and credible VOC or methane reduction programs, effective audits, benchmarking, remediation advice, risk assessment, regulation support, training and knowledge transfer, The Sniffers drives the results of your environmental, health and safety programs. Our comprehensive reporting and corporate business application platforms provide a transparent and multi-site dashboard of your emissions and leaks to the atmosphere.

On top, you can rely on meticulous site surveys. We support HSE and plant managers in reaching their environmental, health and safety objectives. Our team of experienced technicians and inspectors prepare and execute quality on-site surveys and inspections to measure emissions or detect leaks, quantify energy losses and assess pipeline integrity risks. We provide accurate data and actionable insights on how to reduce emissions, limit energy losses and maintain pipeline network integrity.

Our expert team of 90 technical specialists have realized more than 8.000 emission reduction projects in more than 35 countries across the globe. Our customers value The Sniffers’ in-depth knowledge, dedicated people, innovative approach and reliable, accredited processes.

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