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CCGT powerplant

Takeda (Baxalta Belgium Manufacturing S.A.)

Pharmaceutical industry treatment of rare diseases and immunodeficiency

TCS - Timmers Cranes and Steelworks

TCS in Houthalen, Belgium designs and constructs industrial infrastructure for large and small companies. The company is an international benchmark in the domains:

· Cranes - Design, engineering and installation of traveling cranes, gantry cranes, process cranes, and other handling equipment, including renovation, maintenance and intervention services.

· Steelworks - Design, engineering and assembly of industrial and architectural steel structures, including revamping of existing structures and manufacturing of special-purpose steel structures.

· Turnkey projects - Turnkey completion of industrial infrastructure projects, including warehouses, production units, and one-of-a-kind projects presenting a particular challenge.

TCS serves the whole world and has sister companies in Germany and the Czech Republic.

TEC Charleroi
TEC NV - Antwerpen

Tecflam consulting is more than giving expert advices thanks to more than 25 years experience working in the industry. Our methodology is based on taking advantage from the digitization in the manufacturing world. Wherever relevant data is available, we will transform it into added value for your business.
Our focus is custumer satisfaction. Therefore knowledge transfer will be a key issue. The goal is the growth of our clients for long term, even after the end of our project execution.
Digitization requires the relevant technical resources but mainly proper human skills and behaviours. Our methodology is looking for involving the key takeholders since right the beginning and for supporting your organization in this journey.