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Madolex Belgium

Optimalisation of production and maintenance. Consulting: coaching and training. Software: Maintenance and production (OEE) Service: Technical support for maintenance.


Mainnovation is a leading international consulting company specialized in maintenance and asset management. Based on knowledge, experience and understanding of the needs of the market Mainnovation has developed its own innovative maintenance and asset management methodology: Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management (VDM XL). With this methodology Mainnovation helps industrial companies to professionalize their business which will result in increased competitiveness and maximum profitability.
VDM XL is a powerful improvement tool that helps companies in industry, fleet and infra to professionalize their technical department by smart maintenance, modernization and lifetime extension in order to achieve new balance (or equilibrium).
Mainnovation was founded in 2000 and has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Mainnovation Belgium

Maintenance & Asset management consultancy
Reliability Engineering
Interim & change management
KPI dashboards for maintenance & asset management
EAM selection, implementation and optimization

Brussel (diegem)
Mainnovation USA
New york
Maintenance Holding bv

Maintenance Holding is the Reliability & Maintenance company that supports your company or organisation from any sector, generally, operationally, technically or in project management. Maintenance Holding specialise in Condition Based Maintenance; deploying techniques in Maintenance Management, Lubrication, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Imaging, Oil Analysis and Ultrasound.

Maintenance Magazine (FCO Media bvba)

FCO Media is the editing company of the magazines Maintenance Magazine (the official information magazine for all BEMAS members) and Engineeringnet Magazine. We also power the website, the digital newsletter Engineering Netkrant, the website and the digital newsletter Maintenance E-Magazine that appears every two weeks.

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