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Real to Desk

Real to Desk offers up-to-date, complete and precise, as-built technical documentation of your existing facilities, to help engineers, architects and technical managers mitigate risks and reduce construction and shutdown times and cost by exactly understanding the current state of their infrastructure.

Realdolmen - Huizingen

Realdolmen is a Belgian ICT partner, member of the European Gfi group. With our Maintenance Management Software Rimses we offer you a user friendly tool that helps to organize the maintenance and field service operations throughout the workflow. It is all about optimum asset performance and maintenance efficiency without losing sight on safety, mobility and compliancy. Besides Rimses we can also be your partner for the following: IOT, Predictive Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Floriffoux (floreffe)
REMB Hydraulics
Rizla Belgium - Ets. L. Lacroix Fils
Wilrijk - antwerpen