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Eye on Data is a platform that can be used on mobile, tablet and PC to get a complete overview of data collected via sensors and input by employees. This solution focuses on smart maintenance through dashboards and calculations transform your data into valuable information thanks to our expertise. This information is the basis for creating, planning and targeted follow-up actions, according to your own workflow. Eye on Data, together with KU Leuven, is developing a planning algorithm that order to schedule maintenance tasks as optimally as possible. In doing so, we take into account internal data such as the status of installations, the availability of employees, material and means of transport, service contracts and so on. In addition, external data such as traffic and weather information will also be taken into account to propose an automatically generated optimal planning.

IAC Group - Grobbendonk
ICO - International Car Operators
IFS Benelux

IFS is a glabally recognized leader in depeloping and delivering enterprise software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise service management (ESM). IFS has over 2,900 employees and supports more than 1 million users worldwide from its network of local offices and partners. More information:

IMERYS Graphite & Carbon - Willebroek

Production of synthetic & natural graphite powders and highly conductive carbon black.

Imes Dexis - Antwerpen