Global Maintenance Day

On 9 June, we celebrate the Global Maintenance Day, a day to promote and honour the value of maintenance in our lives.

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Maintenance is an activity that takes place all around us, positively affecting the world we live in, as individuals, families, organisations or communities. Besides its main task of keeping things running, good maintenance has many other positive influences and impacts that we do not consider at first glance, such as economic benefit, sustainable development and increased safety.

Proper maintenance usually takes place behind the scenes, so we are not always aware of its importance. Good technicians ensure that everything runs soothly, even before a problem arises. Often, we don’t even realize that maintenance has been carried out nor are we aware that we can contribute to it ourselves by small actions such as cleaning our coffee machine, greasing our bike, etc.

Global Maintenance Day is initiated by the Global Forum on Maintenance & Asset Management (GFMAM), to put forward the importance of maintenance in different aspects of life. On June 9th, various initiatives organized by stakeholders all around the world will take place, to educate people on the importance of maintenance and to show our acknowledgement to all those who maintain the core objects that we rely upon every day.


Get involved!

We invite you to join us in celebrating good maintenance, and the dedication of all maintenance technicians and their contribution to the community and well-being of humanity.

Take an initiative in your community or country that shows the importance of maintenance to the community or general public in your country.

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