BEMAS Award for Technical Team of the Year

BEMAS organises the Award for Technical Team of the Year to honour technical teams that provide great added value for their company thanks to their achievements and approach in the field of maintenance and management of technical assets.  

Everything starts with a good basis. The same goes for maintenance and asset management. Optimal maintenance management starts with strong, well thought-out best practices, which can only be achieved by constant improvement and collaboration by an excellent technical team. Organisations that have taken a major step forward in the applied maintenance and asset management practices are given the opportunity to put their colleagues in the spotlight as Technical Team of the Year. In principle, all types of technical services are eligible, i.e. both maintenance services that work internally at an asset owner, as well as service providing technical services that are active at customers.

Technical Team

The Symposium and Award Night will take place on 22 March 2023 during the Easyfairs Maintenance Fair in Antwerp Expo (Flanders) and on 27 April 2023 during BEMAS Forum Maintenance in Marcinelle (Wallonia)


Enter the contest!

Enter the contest for the Award of Technical Team of the Year, by filling out the online survey before 15 December 2022.

You have a chance to win a fantastic prize and put your company in the spotlight for one day long. 

For whom?

  • All types of organisations that operate in an asset-intensive environment: maintenance servicesproject teams or asset management organisations in the industry or infrastructure world.

  • Technical service providers can also take part in the competitions for the awards.

Why participate?

  • Show that you are proud of the achievements of your organisation and the employees in your team. 
  • Increase the image of your technical department and/or your team and company.
  • Improve the commitment and pride of your employees. 
  • Discover additional opportunities for improvement through interaction with the jury.
  • Give a nice incentive to your technical team (see below). 
  • Limited amount of time to help you and your company move forward. 

What can you win?

  • trophy for the winner and a certificate for the finalists. 
  • An incentive worth € 500, which you can use to pamper your winning team. The incentive will be decided by mutual agreement. This can range from T-shirts, over a drink or dinner, to gift vouchers that can be freely spent. 
  • Broad and positive media coverage in the trade press for you, your team, your company and the innovation or best practice that you apply. 
  • A fascinating and interesting networking dinner, together with the other finalists and the jury.

Want more info?

Hall of Fame

Award for Technical Team of the Year


Pfizer: Jury prize

 The jury unanimously declared Pfizer the winner because their story is so complete. This case shows how important the technical department is to keeping manufacturing in Belgium. 

DP World: Audience prize

At DP World, an industrial accident made the company switch in record time from a reactive mode to a proactive maintenance organization.

Chaudfontaine: Jury prize

After the 2021 floods, workers at Chaudfontaine restarted the 2 main production lines in only 5 weeks.

Galler: Audience prize

At Galler, 3,600 m² disappeared under water. Their technical department was able to temporarily transfer production to the Eeklo site and restore their production machine in record time. 


The ITIS Technical Team: Honourable mention*

The technical team of ITIS counts 6 people who are very involved in the company. In recent years all involved, technicians were asked to think about ideas to make their work more safe and efficient. The management has chosen to work out most ideas depending on importance and cost for development.

* Due to circumstances related to Corona, finalist CBRE has decided to no longer participate in the competition. Therefore it has been decided not to host the Technical Team of The Year Award. However, the remaining finalist will receive an honourable mention, and can proudly present the merits of his team.


imec Maintenance Team

The maintenance team at Imec has succeeded in implementing new systems in the day-to-day maintenance work. They also do in-house trainings, which are much appreciated. And: they no longer resist change. The result? The teamspirit is on an all-time high, they work more efficiently and are extremely motivated.

Award for Best Improvement in Maintenance and Asset Management


Saudi Aramco: Success Journey -Reliability Enhancement Program through Effective Leadership

Saudi Aramco faced issues with plant availability due to frequent failures and therefore, high costs. With the support from upper management, Saudi Aramco succeeded in implementing a comprehensive Reliability System (TPRM), improved the maintenance culture and thus, cut the costs.


Arlanxeo: Preventing unforeseen failures with the Motion Amplification camera 

The main driver of this improvement project is the reliability of extruders in the finishing department. Thanks to a combination of Root Cause Analysis and the Motion Amplification Camera, Arlanxeo can now get to the roots of unpredictable failures.

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