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Maintenance Management

Reliability is fundamental to any business. Machines that do what they are supposed to do, when it is expected of them, support productivity and sdf competitiveness to a great extent. Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a renowned method for achieving world-class reliability through optimal maintenance.

By applying RCM you can answer the question "what is the right maintenance strategy for a certain asset? you can answer. You know which spare parts should be ready, which people should be scheduled at what time and which systems can be used for control.


After this ten-day RCM Facilitator course you will be able to set up RCM projects in your company based on thorough theoretical and practical knowledge and facilitate them permanently in cooperation with all stakeholders. This training is organised on location, and you will work and practice on concrete cases.

Learning objectives

  • Acquire a broad and in-depth knowledge about RCM
  • Being able to generate consensus on practical problems and their solutions within various groups such as operators, maintenance technicians, engineers and management
  • Being able to apply RCM from A to Z in practice and facilitate the efforts in the long run


  • Day 1
    • The role of the facilitator
    • Difficulties in successful implementation
    • Functions and Functional Failures
  • Day 2
    • Functions and Functional Failures (part 2)
    • Consequences and Preventive Tasks
  • Day 3
    • Fallback actions
    • Round-Up
  • Day 4
    • Zero-based case study: Identify the equipment and gather basic information
    • Zero-based case study: Define the Operating Context
  • Days 5 - 9
    • Hidden failures
    • Zero-based case study: Do it
  • Day 10
    • The RCM Pitfalls
    • Round-up

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for professionals who already have a solid basis in RCM or reliability engineering. This for example by following the by BEMAS arranged three-day RCM courses, internal RCM courses or projects or an extensive experience and application of the RCM methodology based on John Moubray's manual. 


About the speaker

The training is led by Mr. Luc Brabants, the RCM specialist in Belgium. He has more than 25 years of experience in Maintenance & Asset Management. The last 15 years he has mainly focused on Reliability-Centered Maintenance. He is the only person in Belgium to have obtained the official Aladon license, and he was trained by John Moubray, the spiritual father of RCM 2. Luc Brabants alternates teaching with specific assignments at ArcelorMittal, NavalGroup, Barry Callebaut, Domtar, Volvo Car, SPE, Siemens, Exxon, Dana, JanssenPharma, Metallo, Sabic, Umicore, ...

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