BEMAS Digital Innovation Award

With the BEMAS Digital Innovation Award, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, wants to put innovations in the technical maintenance sector in the spotlight. Since 2011, BEMAS has presented the Innovation Award annually in cooperation with easyFairs at the Maintenance trade fair, with the aim of highlighting and stimulating innovations in technical maintenance. All exhibitors at the trade fair are invited to compile a file on their most innovative digital product or service. A professional jury of experienced professionals from maintenance and asset management will select the finalists based on scores for criteria such as innovativeness, economic impact and the scope of the innovations.

Since 2021, we present 2 awards and organize two tours:

  • The BEMAS Digital Innovation award for digital innovations
  • The BEMAS Innovation award, for innovations that are not immediately digital


Honorary list


2022 - BEMAS Digital Innovation Award

2022 - BEMAS Innovation Award

2021 - BEMAS Digital Innovation Award

2021 - BEMAS Maintenance Innovation Award


No awards because of COVID-19


  • SDT - SDT340 and UAS4.0-software, a cloud solution for predictive maintenance (winner)
  • Applus - RTD DTI Pull scan for pipeline inspections (finalist)
  • Semiotic Labs - SAM4 (Smart Condition Monitoring) (finalist)


  • Aloxy - A modular industrial Internet or Thing platform for the petrochemical industry (winner)
  • I-Care -  I-see, portal Wi-care condition monitoring: Wireless sensors supported with web data handling portal for online condition monitoring & analysis (finalist)
  • Iristick -  Iristick.Z1 The smart glasses for industrial (maintenance) applications (finalist)


  • iQunet - battery operated remote sensor for condition monitoring (winner)
  • Intation - Augmented Reality in combination with Wireless Sensor Networks (finalist)
  • SKF - Enlight, mobile and cloud-based system that technicians to manage operations and maintenance tasks (finalist)


  • Viu More - Augmented reality application for inspection, maintenance and training (winner)
  • Allied Reliability Group - AR-C10 ‘Bridge to better condition monitoring’ (finalist)
  • PRUFTECHNIK - Rotalign Touch application for user-friendly laser alignment (finalist)


  • Mainnovation - VDM Field Service App (winner)
  • DroneworX Technology - Solution for luminescence inspection of PV cells
  • UE Systems - Ultraprobe 401 digital grease caddy pro


  • Delta Heat Services - Rolling Inductor (winner)
  • Egemin Automation - Egemin Remaining Life Analysis E'RLA
  • UE Systems - Ultraprobe 15.000


  • CARL Software - CARL Touch (winner)
  • RealDolmen – Rimses Mobile (finalist)
  • SPX – Gappscan (finalist) 


  • PRUFTECHNIK - Vibconect RF (winner)
  • Mainnovation - VDM Inside (finalist)
  • U&I Learning - e-learning solutions and 'serious games' (finalist)


  • Wonderware Benelux - Intelatrac (winner)
  • Atlas Copco Belgium 2011 - ER-Energy recovery system (finalist)
  • PRUFTECHNIK – Wearscanner (finalist)