Asset Performance Awards

Asset Performance Awards 2021

BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, organises the Asset Performance Awards to highlight achievements in maintenance and asset management. Asset owners and service providers can participate in three categories. 

You can sign up for the 2021 edition starting now.

The winners of the awards will be announced on 27 October 2021 during the hybrid Asset Performance 4.0 conference

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Register now for the Asset Performance 4.0 Award, Best Improvement of Technical Team of the Year. You have a chance to win a fantastic prize and put your company in the spotlight for one day long.

Why participate?

  • Show that you are proud of the achievements of your organisation and the employees in your team. 
  • Increase the image of your technical department and/or your team and company. 
  • Give a nice incentive to your technical team and many more.

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How to participate?

  • Fill our a short online survey before 15 June 2021.
  • The participants will be notified if they are a finalist before 31 August 2021.
  • The finalists give a 30 minute presentation on Wednesday 27 October 2021 about their improvement project, maintenance team or asset performance 4.0 project.
  • The awards will be presented on 27 October 2021.

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Asset Performance Awards 2020: online edition

In 2020, the Asset Performance Awards were held online. DeThe cases were presented as webinars on the Asset Performance 4.0 Platform.

The award show, with keynote by Jeroen De Flander, was livestreamed on YouTube for more than 200 interested participants.

You can rewatch the awardshow here:




Since 1998, BEMAS has been organising the annual election of Maintenance Manager of the Year. With this competition we are looking for the person (and team) behind the results of a successful maintenance strategy. In this way, we underline the great importance of a well-considered approach to maintenance on a mmycompany's results. Over the years, the title of Maintenance Manager of the Year has become one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. For the manager concerned, but certainly also for his team and company, it is a recognition of the daily commitment to work on a continuous improvement of the maintenance and the company's results.

Frédéric Deleuze, winner 2011: "Of course I am personally proud to have won, but I can assure you that my team is the most proud! I was asked on the podium 'how do you motivate your team?' Well, you can't imagine how motivating this award is for the whole team."​

In 2019, BEMAS decided to transform the Maintenance Manager of the Year award into the Asset Performance Awards. From now on, we will be presenting not one, but three awards. With this transformation, we are responding to a number of important trends in the field of maintenance. First and foremost, the maintenance policy is increasingly being integrated into a long-term asset management strategy. Maintenance must ensure that the assets deliver the desired performance. Hence the overarching title: Asset Performance Awards. The performance of the installations or infrastructure is always the result of turning a strong vision into reality thanks to the application of good practices.

The award for Best Improvement in Maintenance & Asset Management is given to organisations that have taken a major step forward in the applied maintenance and asset management practices. However, achieving excellent results in the field of Asset Performance will not be possible without an excellent technical team. That's why we also crown the Technical Team of the Year. Finally, in times of industry 4.0, with the Asset Performance 4.0 Award we also want to highlight a digital transformation that focuses on the maintenance, reliability and availability of the assets.

In short, the Asset Performance Awards are a recognition for technical teams that offer a high added value to their company thanks to their achievements and approach to the maintenance and management of technical assets.  

At the same time, the evening of the elections in June is invariably the event of the year where hundreds of maintenance and asset management professionals gather. 

Curious about the 2019 edition? You can find the pictuers here.



Laureates Asset Performance Awards

  • 2020
    • Best Improvement in Maintenance & Asset Management: Saudi Aramco (Osamah Al-Ghamdi)
    • Asset Performance 4.0: Engie EMS (Marc Eyckmans & Carl Van Honacker)
    • Technical Team of the Year: Honorable mention for ITIS (Colin Zegers & team)
  • 2019:
    • Best Improvement in Maintenance & Asset Management: Arlanxeo (Christophe Van de Maele and Kristof Van Den Berghe)
    • Asset Performance 4.0: ArcelorMittal (Andy Roegis and Pieter Van den Branden)
    • Technical Team of the Year: Imec (Tom Van den Broeck & his maintenance team)


Laureates Maintenance Manager of the Year

  • 2017 - Maxine Frimpong & Ann Van Look - BASF Antwerpen
  • 2016 - Bert Pieters - PepsiCo Veurne
  • 2015 - Abdellah Azzin & Paul Corgin - GSK
  • 2014 - Claude Schuler - SONACA Gosselies
  • 2013 - Marc Begijn - Volvo Car Gent
  • 2012 - Harold Villers - ArcelorMittal Liège - Site Marchin
  • 2011 - Frédéric Deleuze - CBR - Heidelberg Cement Group
  • 2010 - François Depelsenaire - NGK Ceramics Europe
  • 2009 - Erwin Bovyn - SPE-Luminus
  • 2008 - Jan Vanbroekhoven - Philips Innovative Applications
  • 2007 - Pasquale Sinapi - Caterpillar Belgium
  • 2006 - Herman Aerts - Borealis
  • 2005 - Benoît Noël - Industeel
  • 2004 - Guido Aerts - Exxon Mobil Chemical Belgium
  • 2003 - Jos Grosfils - DSM Speciality Compounds
  • 2002 - Erik Creemers - Fina Antwerp Olefins
  • 2001 - Hans De Backker - Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • 2000 - Wout Theuws - Bosal Benelux
  • 1999 - Robert Vander Putten - Schneider Electric
  • 1998 - Daniël Vandendaul - Baxter

Principles of the contest

The Asset Performance Awards are open to all types of organisations that operate in an asset-intensive environment. These can be maintenance services, project teams or asset management organisations in the industry or infrastructure world, but also technical service providers can take part in the competitions for the awards. The focus on three different sub-aspects makes the Asset Performance Awards also accessible to SMEs or organisations that have made strong progress in a particular aspect of maintenance or asset management.

How does it work in practice?

The candidate fills in the questionnaire, which can be found on the website.

A neutral jury of maintenance professionals evaluates all submitted cases and chooses the finalists. The next step is a presentation during the Asset Performance Symposium, where both the jury and the public can vote. The winners will then be announced during the Asset Performance Awards.

Why participate?

  • Show that you are proud of the achievements of your organisation and the employees in your team. 
  • Increase the image of your technical department and/or your team and company. 
  • Improve the commitment and pride of your employees. 
  • Discover additional opportunities for improvement through interaction with the jury.
  • Give a nice incentive to your technical team.
  • Limited time that helps you and your company move forward.

What can you win?

  • A trophy for the winners and a certificate for all finalists
  • For each of the winners, there is an incentive worth € 500, which you can use to pamper your winning team. The incentive will be decided by mutual agreement. This can range from T-shirts, over a drink or dinner, to gift vouchers that can be freely spent. 
  • Broad and positive media coverage in the trade press for you, your team, your company and the innovation or best practice that you apply. 
  • A fascinating and interesting networking dinner, together with the other finalists and the jury. 

How to participate?

Go to and fill out the questionnaire.