Webinar: What is driving the rapid deployment of wireless sensor devices in condition monitoring?

With the rapid move towards digitization manufacturers are looking to extract deeper insights from their machines and assets in order to improve performance, reliability and efficiency. For decades wired CbM has been relied upon to enable this, but, as factory and maintenance managers look for faster to deploy and lower cost solutions, wireless sensor network technology has improved to a level where wire like reliability is possible for wireless CbM systems.

Coupled with this improvement in wireless technology is the rapid advancement of MEMS accelerometer performance, in terms of noise and bandwidth, catapulting them into the same performance category as IEPE or piezo sensors but at much lower cost.

This webinar will highlight industry trends and the move towards wireless CbM systems as well as the advancement of MEMS sensors for use in vibration monitoring. A review of existing wireless vibration systems will highlight the rapid adoption of MEMS over piezo sensors and  comprehensive suite of fault detection test data will be presented to highlight the capabilities of triaxial MEMS based wireless vibration systems.


About the speaker

Christopher Murphy, SME - CbM, Intelligent Motion and Robotics at Arrow / Analog


Practical information

Timing: Friday 4th February at 14h00


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Event date:
Friday 04/02/2022 - 14:00
Friday 04/02/2022 - 15:00
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Asset Performance 4.0
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