Webinar : Hackathon Presentations for Asset Performance 4.0

This webinar announces the Hackathons for Asset Performance 4.0. Employees of Aquafin and Fluvius will thoroughly explain their cases and will answer questions of solution and/or or service suppliers interested to participate. These 2 asset owners will choose which companies can present their cases live at the Asset Performance 4.0 Conference, where they will judge the hackathon solutions.


Case 1: Pump failure prediction for smarter predictive maintenance

Aquafin is responsible for the transport and treatment of household wastewater in Flanders. For that transport, it manages 1700 pumping stations and 318 water treatment plants. Around 40 teams spread across Flanders can be reached 24/7 in the event of a pump blockage or other malfunctions.

When a pumping station is not operational for too long, this leads to a discharge of untreated wastewater into our watercourses, which we naturally want to avoid. On the other hand, we want our operators to stop pumping at night as little as possible because this disrupts the team's planning.

Aquafin wants to be able to schedule urgent maintenance better during working hours and thus generally have smarter planning and more efficient operations with a better work/life balance as a result.

Aquafin wishes to investigate whether blockages or other disruptions can be predicted with sufficient reliability using intelligent data analysis techniques.



Aquafin is currently in the process of rolling out a new supervision system that captures the data of all installations (in addition to the pumping stations also 300 water treatment plants) and with which all installations can be operated remotely. In the meantime, approximately ¼ of our plants are linked to this central system.

Provided input

A large number of measurements such as in/out of operation of the pumps, current, level in the pump well, flow, malfunctions and reports are historically available over a long period of time.


Case 2: 2 cases by Fluvius

Fluvius is a Flemish multi-utility distribution service operator (DSO) and is a merger (2018) between Eandis and Infrax. As multi-utility DSO we operate and maintain a wide diversity of assets, spread out across Flanders.

Description case 1

A first case is directly triggered by the need of flexibility (caused by the merger) during the next 5 years. Different tools, working methods and financial structures make it difficult to collect (new or corrected) useful data on-the-field for asset management purposes. Therefore we are looking for a tool that:

  • Makes it possible to report asset anomalies and failures, including photos on-the-field
  • Allows (multiple) small data collection/review orders (± 10.000 records max)
  • Has the possibility to extract the collected data in a common data format
  • Preferable solution: low cost easy-to-use and on-the-shelf tool as its purpose is short term

 Description case 2

A second case relates more directly to industry 4.0. Last year temperature and humidity sensors where installed in different electrical substations. This allows a close by monitoring of the atmospheric conditions to protect the electrical equipment. Currently a basic report has been built that raises alarms when certain thresholds are passed. It definitely could use some rework to

  • Allow smarter thresholds taking into account local or external circumstances (type of building, weather…)
  • Use past data to set individual and automatic thresholds, rather than manual ones.
  • Detect false positives (incomplete data, spikes, incorrect data…)
  • Preferable solution: rather than a finished and working tool/product, data processing steps and data rework towards smarter data are the main interests.



13:15           Online classroom open

13:30           Aquafin Case Presentation by Ronny Goossens and Kris De Gussem

14:05           Q&A Aquafin Case

14:20           Fluvius Case Pesentation by Andy Gouwy

14:45           Q&A Fluvius Case

15:00           Conclusion


Guest Speakers

Ronny Goossens started in 2019 as Head of Digital at the wastewater treatment company Aquafin. Goossens was nominated as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the year 2018, whilst working at the educational publishing house Plantyn. At Aquafin, his task is to digitally transform the organisation. Ronny Goossens is an industrial engineer and also attended ICT Management at Vlerick. Over the past 20 years, he held several ICT Management positions.

Kris De Gussem has a background in analytical chemistry and has been performing data science for more than 10 years. At Aquafin, he uses data science to look for patterns in data and works on data driven digital innovation projects.

Andy Gouwy  graduated as a civil engineer at Ghent University in 2007 and has been working for Fluvius (at that time still Eandis) since 2008. Coming from the talent pool program, he started his career as a team lead connectors and continued as a project leader. In 2015 he transfered to electricity asset management, where he’s managing low-voltage grids, various support tools for grid operation, and life cycle management of cabin buildings and switchgear.


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