Webinar : Award for Best Improvement in Maintenance and Asset Management

Everything starts with a good basis. The same goes for maintenance and asset management. Optimal maintenance management starts with strong, well thought-out best practices. 

The award for Best Improvement in Maintenance & Asset Management rewards organisations that have taken a major step forward in the applied maintenance and asset management practices. In principle, all types of improvement processes are eligible, i.e. both technical and organisational improvements.

The 2020 finalists

Cargill found itself in a short-term strategy and vision, but not throughout the whole organization. They were lagging behind and needed to catch up some years of lower maintenance performance. A long-term strategy had to be developed, shared and implemented.

A combination of existing production performance trending and available maintenance data in our CMMS were used for prioritization where to put budget and resources for improvement. A performance dialogue process with KPI’s was implemented from shop floor to plant management level, continuing higher level reporting in the business unit up to headquarter level (Minneapolis, US).

Faster and deeper root cause investigations led to less unexpected technical downtime, less repeated failures, and stable operations. People became proud and supported defect elimination instead of failure fighting. More efficient use of available wrench time resulted in headcount reduction as well as shifting from failure towards proactive maintenance.

People started to take accountability in reliability excellence. The culture change didn’t stop at the maintenance organisation but continues to go deeper into the organization (production, project,…).


Saudi Aramco faced issues with plant availability due to asset failures, mainly pipeline leaks. There was a reactive maintenance culture, due to operation high demand and frequent failures. They also faced high costs and didn’t have a future-proof plan. So the maintenance team decided to pave the road to the department to maximize the plant reliability to meet the operation demand in a cost-effective manner.

With the support from upper management, Saudi Aramco succeeded in implementing a comprehensive Reliability System (TPRM), improved the maintenance culture with effective decision making, cut the costs and enhanced the effectiveness. They are most proud of the clear plan and roadmap for the future and the fact that reliability now has a bigger recognition throughout the team and within the company.



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