Training Cycle Maintenance and Asset Management 2020-2021

Anyone working today as a professional in the field of technical maintenance and/or asset management will probably agree: it is a challenging work environment! Technical installations are becoming more and more complex and less large (replacement) investments are being made in installations or factories.

Learning maintenance and asset management on-the-job is therefore certainly a challenge. That is why we organise the Maintenance Management and Asset Management course for maintenance managers and anyone who starts in a technical management position.

In addition to the important theoretical models on maintenance, reliability, maintenance management and asset management, we also bring very concrete tools and solutions that can be applied immediately in the company.

You will learn how to run a maintenance service, how to manage a maintenance budget, how to identify and realise savings opportunities ... In short, you will get a complete overview of everything needed to efficiently manage your technical maintenance service.



About the training cycle

Our training is the only complete training series in Belgium that provides a complete overview of all aspects of technical maintenance and asset management.

The cycle consists of 25 modules of 4 hours teaching time, each on Thursday afternoon. Before that there is a kick-off with the maintenance business game 'The GAME' of a full day.

At the end, you can also participate in the CMRP exam for free. With this certificate you may bear the title of Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional.

We focus on the latest insights and only work with experienced instructors who pay attention to practical cases, exercises and a lot of interaction. The dynamics and knowledge sharing that arises in each group is of great added value to many participants.

In summary:

  • 25 modules of 4 hours, each on Thursday afternoon
  • Starts on October 8th, 2020, continues until May 2021
  • Theoretical lessons supplemented with a book package, exercises and company visits
  • Including participation in the interactive company game 'The GAME' and the CMRP exam
  • Quality teachers: a mix of BEMAS speakers, maintenance consultants and experienced maintenance managers


The GAME - The Great Asset Management Experience (full day)
1.1 Asset Utilization: Asset Utilization & availability
1.2 Asset Utilization: TPM, autonomous maintenance and Operator Care
1.3 Asset Utilization: Lean & 6 Sigma in Maintenance
2.0 Maintenance budget & Cost Control
3.1 Reliability Engineering: Criticality matrix & Asset Criticality Ranking
3.2 Reliability Engineering: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) & Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) 
3.3 Reliability Engineering: Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
4.1 Maintenance 4.0: Online & Offline Condition Monitoring
4.2 Maintenance 4.0: IIoT platforms and architecture
4.3 Maintenance 4.0: Predictive analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
4.4 Maintenance 4.0: Strategy development and step-by-step approach
5.1 Planning & Scheduling: Work preparation and planning of regular maintenance
5.2 Planning & Scheduling: Work preparation and planning of Shutdowns & Outages
6.0 People Management and Cultural change in maintenance
7.1 MRO Supply Chain Management: Equipment tree, Asset Coding Structure & Strategic Spare Parts
7.2 MRO Supply Chain Management: Spare Parts Management
8.0 Service Supply Chain Management: Outsourcing of maintenance
9.1 Asset Management: Maintenance and Asset Management under ISO 55000
9.2 Asset Management: Strategic Asset Management Plan
9.3 Asset Management: Asset Management in practice
10. Skill & competence management
11. Equipment knowledge management
12.1 On the way to Maintenance excellence: KPI's & Performance Measurement
12.2 On the way to Maintenance excellence: Setting up maintenance processes and staffing
20/05/2021 12.3 On the way to Maintenance excellence: Failure Behaviour and Process Reliability
02/09/2021 Presentations of elaborated business cases + feedback + information about the CMRP exam
CMRP exam

Testimonials of participants

"By taking part in the training programme "Maintenance and Asset Management", I have gained a lot of new insights related to maintenance and organisation. In addition, I have had the opportunity to visit various companies and make a number of interesting national and international contacts. For me, this means an important added value compared to other "classic" training courses."
Carl Cattoir, Reliability Engineer by Bayer

"A very fascinating insight into the world of our customers." 
Tijn Van Pelt, Lead Engineer by ABB DM Robotics

"An innovative and fresh perspective on certain aspects of maintenance. The programme also has a motivating effect because it allows you to take some distance from 'daily maintenance'."
Pascal Ceunen, Maintenance Supervisor by Nyrstar

Target group

This training cycle is aimed at starting maintenance managers and other 'high potentials' within a company who have the ambition to grow further into a technical managerial position.

Practical Information

  • 25 sessions of 4 hours.
  • Every Thursday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m
  • Reception with sandwich for lunch from 12:30
  • The training sessions take place at different locations in Flanders. This is determined based on possible company visits and the geographical spread of the participants.
  • If a subsequent company visit is planned, the training session will take place at the location of the company.
  • PLEASE NOTE: in the past few years, this training has always been full booked. We recommend registering in advance.

Lesson material

With each session you will receive teaching materials, handouts, exercises, etc. In addition, there is also a book package that accompanies this course:

  • Don't Just Fix It, Improve It! A Journey to the Precision Domain (Winston P. Ledet, Winston J. Ledet & Sherri M. Abshire)
  • Global Harmonised Reliability & Maintenance Indicators
  • Level 5 - Leadership at Work (Winston P. Ledet, Michelle Ledet Henley & Sherri M. Abshire)
  • List of acronyms and maintenance definitions
  • Maintenance & Reliability Certification Exam Guide (Nathan C. Wright)
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (Don Armstrong)
  • Making Common Sense Common Practice, Models for Operational Excellence (Ron Moore)
  • RCM3 Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance (Marius Basson)
  • Reliability Based Spare Parts & Materials Management (Don Armstrong, Torbjorn Idhammar)
  • Scope Management of Shutdowns. Influential factors and strategies. (J. Blok, P. Casteleijn, S. Hoekstra, F. Kokkeler)
  • The Journey: To Improved Business Performance (Stephen J. Thomas)
  • VDMXL - Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management (Mainnovation)
  • Maintenance 4.0 Implementation Handbook (D.Almagor, D. Lavid, A. Nowitz, E. Vesely)

Participation fee

  • € 7,250 for employees of companies that are members of BEMAS
  • €7,950 for non-members

The participation fee is per person, including lunch, syllabus, book package and certification exam. Amounts are excluding VAT. On the invoice the components (participation, catering, books, ...) are split up in accordance with the corresponding VAT rate.

Event date:
Thursday 08/10/2020 - 8:30
Thursday 30/09/2021 - 17:30
Various locations in Flanders 
Price members:
€ 7.250 (excl. VAT)
Price none members:
€ 7.950 (excl. VAT)
Organised by:

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