Online Mini-Conference: Lubrication 4.0

The reliability of machines depends on several factors. Increasing that reliability is a top priority for almost everyone involved in maintenance. However, many companies still have regular lubrication problems. Moreover, very often the basic principles of correct lubrication and handling of lubricants are not always applied correctly, which negates efforts to improve reliability. Hence the importance of sound basic knowledge in this area.

The current digital innovations make it possible to handle lubrication and lubrication management even better. Therefore we would like to invite you to an online mini-conference dedicated to digitization in lubrication.


Webinar 1: Combining online vibration monitoring & automated lubrication systems as a 4.0 solution

13:00 - 13:45 CET

by Wouter Bogaerts, Director of the lubrication department of I-care

We will go more in depth about all different parameters that are combined into our vibration and lubrication systems. For each monitored data parameter will also be showed which advantages it brings seperatly and finally we look at the complete picture in the 4.0 world.  By showing in-the-field results we will try to prove Industry 4.0 actually works.  At the end of the session we look back to pitfalls  we've suffered and look forward to points of improvement  in the near future.

Learning takeaways:

- Seeing results of an actual Industry 4.0 project.

- Combining two strong systems improves asset reliabiltiy even more

- Combining preventive, predictive and process data improves asset reliabiltiy even more


About the speaker

Wouter Bogaerts has 12 years of experience in condition monitoring and asset reliability in several industries such as chemical, food & beverage and nuclear power plants. Certifications: CMRP, ICML-MLT I, ITC-Level I, Mobius-Level III


Webinar 2: Grease lubrication mechanisms in rolling bearings

13:45 - 14:30 CET

by Piet Lugt, Senior Scientist at SKF & Professor Tribology-Based Maintenance at University of Twente

Grease lubrication offers many advantages compared with oil lubrication, but selecting the right grease is complicated. Understanding the lubrication mechanisms will help in selecting the right grease with the right amount for a specific application to meet bearing life expectations. To help understand grease lubrication, a book written by SKF engineers was published that covers the latest information and knowledge about grease lubrication.

  • Selection of lubricating grease in rolling bearings
  • extension of grease life
  • extension of maintenance intervals
  • prediction of maintenance intervals


About the speaker

Piet is an expert in Tribology and Lubrication (grease lubrication, oil lubrication, reliability and surface engineering) and active in the academic technology areas of durability and reliability.


Webinar 3: Increase asset reliability & stop lubricant waste

14:30 - 15:15 CET

by Taco Mets, Technical Director at Van Meeuwen and Filip Verwaest, Business Unit Manager at Van Meeuwen

We make the connection between the basic maintenance tasks for reliable assets (cleaning, inspecting, lubricating) and how new technologies can help improve significantly.  Together with an asset owner we will present examples of implemented technologies and results on increased asset performance, fewer maintenance actions/costs and less lubricants.  An example of an implemented technology is continuous monitoring of oil in critical assets. Together with data of the asset owner we are able to predict needed maintenance.

  • Make impact with smart inspection & lubrication technology 
  • Decrease your ecological footprint and maintenance costs by cutting lubrication inefficiencies
  • Don't underestimate the basic maintenance tasks for maximum reliability
  • Thoughts for the future and tools for today


Webinar 4: Smartification of manual greasing activities

15:15 - 16:00

by David Duerinckx, Co-founder & Project development engineer at Grizit

How management decisions can be the inspiration for new ideas in greasing activities.

Sometimes dividing workload in (greasing) activities can cause unforeseen complications in machine failure due to the lack of ownership of the new appointed responsible people.

Greasing activities are often underestimated by the management because there is no direct relation to the overall effective efficiency of the machine park, this can lead to unforeseen machine downtime with machine parts that are not in stock because they are not supposed to break down.

After an event like this we have decided to develop a product that can see if the activities have been executed, a checking device which does not alter the activities in any way.

And whilst checking/greasing there is a short connection which allows us to read other data and therefore provide information from the machines.

This information is directly projected to the operator through ha transparent grease head which acts as a flash light and also provides information in changing light .


About the speaker

David has been developing products and improving production machines for the last 30 years, the last years he has also been developing new innovative production machines and a new production site for his clients. Due to the working with a lot of materials and production techniques, he combines materials and technology in a fresh and new way which leads to good results in all cases. He has led for a number of years a production (packaging) site with over 100 people. He has been working on all layers of the production facilities which gives him a clear understanding of the need in a production plant, in all areas, technology and human resources. In many cases there is a correlation between technology and Human resources, he has become an expert in this area.


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