Costing, Budgeting & Control voor Turnarounds en Shutdowns

A turnaround or shutdown is a major event for refineries and chemical plants. Many companies find it difficult to successfully execute and start up a plant shutdown, while the impact on costs and lost revenues can be enormous. Especially in times of aging plants it is a necessity to improve the predictability and controllability of turnarounds.

This unique two-day course provides participants with insight into budgeting, budget creation, and outsourcing and control. During the course, multiple realistic case studies and issues will be addressed, from making conceptual budgets with incomplete scope, to determining and reporting the status and performance of the turnaround.


Learning objectives

The following insights gained during the course can be put into practice immediately after completion:

  • Gather knowledge about what it takes to complete a turnaround within budget and on time.

  • Better control of turnarounds and shutdowns through faster and more accurate budgeting.

  • Become familiar with processes such as Earned Value Management and Field Change Management.



Day 1: Setting the right budget and preparation for thorough cost contro

  • The economic impact of a turnaround on a company

  • Budget classes and methodologies for more accurate budgets

  • Case study and examples: making conceptual and detailed budgets for turnarounds

  • Selecting the right contract form

  • Outsourcing work and selecting the right contractors

  • Case study and examples: carrying out a commercial bid evaluation

  • The link between budgeting, budgeting, scheduling and cost control

  • Scheduling budgeted activities and resources

  • Case study and examples: defining and optimising the critical path during execution


Day 2: Actively controlling the execution

  • What is cost control and how is it carried out correctly?

  • Case study and examples: drawing up and following up the cost report

  • Determining the progress of the preparation and execution of the turnaround

  • How can information from the field be used to control costs and time?

  • Earned Value Management: a handy set of tools for management to steer

  • How to deal with large flows of information and more/less work during implementation: Field Change Management

  • Role play: assessing, negotiating and paying for extra work.

  • Close-out and benchmarking: improve future turnarounds by capturing risks, trends, cost information and more.

  • System integration and the digital age: streamlining processes and safeguarding knowledge.


About the speaker

Elmer Sachteleben is an experienced cost expert (DACE CCE). In addition to advising large companies, he now leads the Cost Engineering Academy.

He applies his broad experience and enthusiasm to train people, develop courses and organize workshops in the field of project control and cost engineering. He is also a lecturer at the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE) and a frequent speaker at industrial events.

Elmer has advised on process evaluation, development and implementation at large international companies such as Shell, Unilever, Bayer, Cargill, Heineken, Fluor, Engie, Vopak, Yara and Rijkswaterstaat.

Event date:
Tuesday 22/09/2020 - 8:30
Wednesday 23/09/2020 - 17:00
Van der Valk Beveren
Gentseweg 280
Beveren 9120
Price members:
€ 1.495 (ex btw)
Price none members:
€ 1.695 (ex btw)
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